Dell Streak being integrated into healthcare solutions


I've been seeing a lot of doctors during the past year and am always interested in what kind of gadgetry they're using. Aside from one guy who committed everything to memory and another one who used a legal pad and No. 2 pencil, most medical professionals I've seen bring a mobile device into the room to take notes, write prescriptions, and look at patient charts. So far, my doctors have met me with a tablet PC, an iPhone, and even a full-size laptop that was clearly too big to be carried from room to room, but maybe next time one of them will pull out a Dell Streak.

A few days ago, Dell announced that it would be making the Streak available to hospitals and physicians this fall as an "integrated component of Dell's EMR and MCC solutions" to "provide healthcare professionals with increased mobility and convenient access to digitized patient information, virtually anywhere within the EMR infrastructure."

The Streak's size and weight, data/voice functionality, and dual cameras are cited as reasons the device would serve doctors well, while Android's ability to integrate with existing systems and Dell's healthcare enterprise solutions are highlighted to attract hospitals.

[Direct2Dell] Thanks, theGall!

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4 thoughts on “Dell Streak being integrated into healthcare solutions

  • Avatar of nick

    Dual cameras…that you cant access.

  • Avatar of MikeF74

    Love my Streak, but it would be too small for practical use. A lot of the stuff doctors need to look at via the EMR are 8.5″/11″ scans. The Streak just wouldn’t cut it for that. The Samsung Galaxy Tab and, dare I say, iPad are better suited size-wise for physician use.

  • Avatar of Seth

    Tablets like the Streak are the future for immediate, portable data.

    This may be the one thing Dell’s PR is doing right with the Streak IMO.


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