Dell Streak coming to Best Buy in October

Best-buy-logo Great news for anyone whose hometown isn't on the Streak Across America tour's itinerary and who lives by the "try before you buy" shopping creed: the Dell Streak will be available at Best Buy stores next month!

That's right. Soon you'll be able to walk into a Best Buy (exactly which stores is currently unknown) and walk out with a brand new Dell Streak, presumably after you've had a chance to play with it. Best Buy sometimes has dummy units on the floor, but I'm guessing/hoping that the Streaks on display will be working models.

People who don't spend a lot of time reading tech sites probably don't even know the Streak exists, so this Best Buy deal will bring the device some much-needed mainstream exposure. The tablet makes a positive first impression too, so I think we'll be seeing some new faces around here soon.

[ABC News] Thanks, JMS!

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7 thoughts on “Dell Streak coming to Best Buy in October

  • Avatar of Miguel

    Nice, perfect for all my friends in different towns

  • Yep. We’re hoping for a Dell/Best Buy Streak event to occur at the Round Rock Texas store. If it does happen, hopefully there will be press coverage. I’ll go show my solidarity with my Streak!

  • Avatar of Lance

    I wonder if this will come with a price drop but even if it didnt ill still pick it up. wonder also how many other colors will be available as i was trying to wait for a blue one but ill settle for another color. also is there a set date upon which the streak will hit best buy?

  • Yea to add on Rock in Texas we dont have alot of love from big companys on the streak tour texas is one day. But if Best Buy is going to help Dell get new streakers then I cant wait for the tour and best buy.

  • Yeah, while it bodes well (eventually) for us northerners in the sense that Best Buy has a presence up here, the folks at Dell have, inexplicably, taken the Streak first to Australia of all places — a market that’s a third smaller than Canada!

  • Avatar of andy

    Kool we will have some additional warranty

  • Avatar of Homer-Simpson

    Yeah more noobs posting like ” where did my icon go”


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