Dell Streak gets limited, overpriced Gameloft game selection

Streak-gameloft_wm With the exception of Asphalt HD, Gameloft does not offer its HD games in Android Market. The other HD titles in the game maker's arsenal must be purchased directly from the company's website and are not eligible for a refund (unlike apps from the Market, which all come with a 24-hour refund policy).

Visiting from an Android device will take you to an optimized version of the HD games shop; the site automatically detects your device/carrier and displays the HD games available for your phone. On the HTC EVO 4G, for example, the shop lists 10 titles, all clearly designated as HD games.

The list of available games for the Dell Streak, however, is very different: no HD games, only 3 non-HD games (there are 4 more in Android Market), and higher prices. Midnight Bowling 2 and the non-HD versions of UNO and Assassin's Creed are $2.99 in the Market, a full $2 less than what Gameloft is charging.

The Streak is every bit as capable as the EVO at playing HD games (they both have 1GHz Snapdragon CPUs, 512MB RAM, and Adreno 200 GPUs), yet there's no way to get anything other than Asphalt HD on it.  Gameloft's HD games are protected so you can't share them; you can only re-download it on the same device with the same phone number you purchased the game on for a limited time. That means that even if you obtain an .apk of the one of the games, it won't be playable on your Streak. It'll install and even start to load just fine, but that's as far as you'll get. The game will give you an "illegal copy" message and then close.

HD games aside, I can't believe Gameloft is charging nearly double the price for a portion of the same titles it sells in Android Market. What's going on?!

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