Dell Streak PDair horizontal pouch photo review

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One of the five Dell Streak leather cases just released by PDair is the horizontal pouch.

The $50 case features white cross-stitching, a magnetic closure, a rear pocket, and a cutout for the headphone jack. I can't do a full review due to time constraints right now, but I've taken a handful of photos that should be enough for you to get a feel for the case and decide if it's something you'd like for your Streak.

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In lieu of a proper conclusion, I'll sum up my feelings about the pouch by saying that it works better as a travel MID/tablet case than an everday phone case. I actually bought it for the former purpose, as I was looking for something well padded that I could put in carry-on luggage, and have been a fan of PDair pouches for quite some time now. One of the company's playthrough cases or slimmer pouches (this is rather thick because of the flap) may be a better choice for someone looking for a daily-use Streak case, but for my purposes, I'm pleased with this one.

Streak-pdair-pouch (7)

I could live without the cutout, though.

The PDair leather horizontal pouch for the Dell Streak is available now for $50.

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5 thoughts on “Dell Streak PDair horizontal pouch photo review

  • Avatar of Netmaster

    Have you got any delivery confirmation prior of receiving it? I have order one and I only got the paypal invoice…

    Will share picture of my “book type” pouch when i receive it.

  • Avatar of Motorcityjoe

    Nice case, but no belt clip?

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    I got my PD-Air flip wallet today. I say wallet because it has no belt clip or loops. It is a verticle pouch with a long flip that opens from bottom to top and wraps behind while you use the device. There are card slots on the flip, like a wallet. Excellent quality. Tight fit, device probably will not slip out while flip is open. Perfect fit to the buttons. But it is wreaking havok in the light sensor. I may have to disable auto back light. Looks like it is does in the online catalog pics. No free screen protector, but the key chain was cool. Has a pocket big enough for a standard SD card.

  • Avatar of Flavio

    I got a similar flip case with belt loop from RebelSIMCard for £3,99!

  • excellent review. like my dell. i don’t care about the size, it’s fantastic for both a phone and a dosage! can’t get better than this. processor is quicker, screen is responsive. fantastic unlocked mobile phones. it doesn’t fit in my pocket very well haha but that;s ok fits ok in my backpack. my daughter likes hers for the facebook and games and i like mine for the business aspects. the apps are fantastic and the email and wifi couldn’t be better. also got our htc unlock codes and cell phone unlocking for free!! got our last couple streaks at 9 out of 10 so far


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