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HTC EVO 4G cradles charge spare battery

Boxwave-cradle We've seen an accessory that can charge the HTC EVO 4G and a second battery simultaneously before (hello, Seidio multi-function battery charger), but since it's always nice to see the same function presented in a nicer-looking package with more features, let's take a peek at some relatively new desktop docks/cradles.

In addition to keeping the EVO upright (unlike the multi-function charger that keeps the phone flat on its back), these cradles feature dedicated back compartments for charging a spare battery and include a USB cable for connecting to a computer for syncing/transferring files. Most also come with a handy USB-to-AC adapter, which in itself is a great accessory to have around, especially if you have a lot of other devices that charge via USB.

There are currently three docks/cradles like this on Amazon. They look like rebrands or at least very similar variations of the same product, so the differences in pricing seems to be due to nothing more than branding.

They're not the sleekest docks ever made, sure, but they're functional and would probably be fine additions to a desk or table.

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Jenn K. Lee

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10 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G cradles charge spare battery

  • I actually bought this a few weeks ago and it works great as a cradle and spare battery charger…

  • I purchased the Orion and have been using it for a week. It works fantastic and sits perfectly on my desk at work. I highly recommend it. Also, as others have stated, I love this site! You do a fantstic job of bringing the important stuff to us EVO owners and it is the first site I check every morning!

  • Avatar of Carl

    do they work with ANY case?
    i have the otter case… not sure if this will work

  • Avatar of ZenTsang

    I bought the 2200maH extended battery which came with a larger back cover. Just looking at the picture above, it wouldn’t work with my EVO unless I break out the Dremel tool and do a little modifying. I already had to modify (enlarge) the hole around the camera lens on this bigger back cover in order to get the Wide/Macro angle lens to connect and sit properly.

    Also, I started using my EVO as my alarm clock (using the Kaloer Clock app) about 2 weeks after I got the EVO. It is a great desk clock replacement and looks sharp when set horizontally. If there was a dock to let it sit horizontally … that would be my dock of choice.

  • Avatar of Charles S

    Hey Jen…where is the HTC branded one? :)

    HTC = Laggers…

  • Avatar of meto modi

    Is there a dock out yet with HDMI out?
    I am holding out for one that I can connect to my Bose Wave system… so I can use the phone as a networked music player…

    Not sure if that will ever happen. If you’re used to iPhone that (docking for music playing) is one of the few things you miss with EVO.

  • Avatar of Matthew

    Sold out!! Anybody know any other sites that may have them in stock?

  • Avatar of Rose

    I have been looking since yesterday and found this one here and this one here

    The Obostore also has this that I want cause I have four total batteries and this charger seems to charge external batteries quicker then the one I got off ebay with my 2 batteries.

    You can get both for like 21 bucks free shipping I think.

    But this one is the cheapest and someone on one of the forums I belong to bought it but it says sold out. It wasn’t yesterday. But I am trying to decide which one cause I want one. I had one for my TP2 and loved being able to set phone in cradle and charge my extra battery.


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