SiriusXM Android app finally updated to v1.1, brings Froyo support

Sirius_froyo I received an email alert this morning from SiriusXM that practically saved the life of my HTC EVO 4G, and it was just in time. You see, even though the EVO was the first Android device besides Google's own Nexus One to receive an update to what was supposed to be the frozen goodness of Froyo, sometimes being first is not always best, especially when waiting for app developers to catch up. Today, SiriusXM finally caught up, releasing v1.1 of their Android app.

Android 2.2 pretty much destroyed the quality of streaming apps like Pandora by changing to the Stagefright media framework, but Google has promised there is a fix in the works. In the meantime, SiriusXM users like myself noticed not only degraded sound, but a strange looping bug which would loop a section of a song over and over. Pausing playback and then resuming would work for a minute or two, but then the looping would rear its ugly head once again, causing more than just a little frustration.

There have been plenty of times over the past six weeks that I wanted to chuck my EVO against the nearest wall, or at the very least, try and wrestle Android 2.1 back on there. Now, I'm a somewhat-happy camper! Anyone else who has been waiting for this update, just hit up the link below and get your Froyo handset and SiriusXM back in the music groove.

[SiriusXM – Android app]
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