Something for the weekend: Samsung releases official 9-minute HD video demo of Galaxy Tab


Since the steady stream of leaks, sightings, rumors, and more leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Tab culminated in its official grand unveiling earlier this month, coverage of the device has returned to a more normal level after its peak of nearly daily news. But just in time for the weekend, Samsung has released an extremely comprehensive demo video that virtually runs through every aspect of the device from top to bottom, hardware and software. For those of us who haven't been lucky enough to see and try the Galaxy Tab for ourselves, this is probably the closest we'll get to a hands-on feature walkthrough.

The 9-minute 720p HD video is posted on Samsung Mobile's official YouTube channel and is surprisingly very simple with no flashy graphics or effects, simply focusing on someone using the device, demonstrating all the features with no voice-over and only the background music with some occasional subtitles. Clearly Samsung wants its product to do the talking and from what's on show it does look very impressive.

The demo includes an overview of the physical hardware, a quick tour of the UI/home screens, email app, Swype, calendar, document viewer/editor, the slick looking keyboard dock, contacts, phone, video conferencing, e-reader app, music player, video playback, web browsing (with Flash 10.1), video-out to a TV, Android Market, maps and more! So if you want to get a much closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab and its user experience, get comfortable and check out the full demo video after the break.

[Samsung Mobile YouTube channel via CrunchGear]
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