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Stock Froyo music app modded, available for HTC EVO

Evo-aosp-froyo-mus (1)

On a quest to purge HTC Sense from your EVO without actually flashing a new ROM? That means you've already got the stock Froyo launcher, keyboard, and 3D gallery on it. And now you can add to your growing collection by "replacing" Sense's music app with a modified version of the stock one.

It isn't stock stock, I know, but Music Mod is based on the stock app and I believe it's actually the one included in the ever-popular CyanogenMod-6 ROM. So consider it a better version of the stock music app.

Highlights include screen gestures (with or without haptic feedback) for controlling music playback and toggling shuffle and repeat modes, true full-screen now playing screen using your current wallpaper as the background, additional widget sizes, notification text color options, "use as ringtone" function (not as robust as in the Sense app), and Twitter integration. Very nice!

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10 thoughts on “Stock Froyo music app modded, available for HTC EVO

  • Not to mention for those coming from an iPhone that it has the double-click feature to skip to the next song, even though he doesn’t advertise it anywhere on the program. It’s definitely what I use and I checked out ALL of the music programs (TuneWiki, Doubletwist, Cubed, etc)

  • Avatar of bill dyszel

    Anybody know where I can find out how to tell EVO what to do when I plug something into the headset? I’ve noticed that mine automatically starts playing the music player at that point, even if I’m playing something else (a podcast, for example). I’d prefer that it wait for me to tell it what to do, but I don’t see a control for that.

  • Avatar of ivan

    now i we need is the vanilla lockscreen…..i would kill to have it on my Evo

  • I noticed that the above screenshot shows “Unknown Artist” like my phone does after the Froyo update. So, it’s not the Sense App that needs to be fixed, I am assuming…

  • i already use widget locker but it blows….lags sometimes i need the real one…..Oh and also vanilla notification bar……and were all set

  • Avatar of gmoney

    Anyone know where I can get the Droid X music player? It’s very much like this one, the title of the song is in the middle. I just think it looks cleaner when it’s put between the artist and album. Plus the music player has visualizations like windows media player. Nothing special but just an added feature.

  • Avatar of NicksGarage

    You are right. This “unknown artist” problem seems to be a Froyo issue with .wma files. I had to convert them to mp3s and add the tags to get the unknown artist listing to go away.


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