Vote for the Pocketables-Dynamism Viliv N5 giveaway winner

Viliv-n5-vote Since the third finalist in our Viliv N5 giveaway sponsored by Dynamism was disqualified, you now have an either-or choice to make to determine the winner of the contest and the recipient of the free Viliv N5.

Here's a reminder of the two essays up for the prize:

Voting begins now and will remain open until this Saturday, October 2, at 11:59 p.m. HST.

The winner of the giveaway and the five commenters selected at random to receive a $50 Dynamism-Gizmine gift card will be announced on Monday, October 4.

Place your vote below.

Good luck to the finalists and thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

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Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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23 thoughts on “Vote for the Pocketables-Dynamism Viliv N5 giveaway winner

  • I vote for essay #1.

    The other essay was a fairly typical use of a mobile computer. So essay #1 wins by default even though it wasn’t exactly all that clever. At least it was different.

  • I’d say #2 is quite informative on how the device runs overall and has a variety of very practical uses, he also answered a lot of questions… So my vote is on #2

  • Avatar of Gizmo

    I vote #1 since the requirement was to “describe the most innovative way you would use the Viliv N5” and the winner is supposed to be “based on originality, creativity, and innovation.”

    Essay #2 may have more information on the device and the author answered some questions but that is not what the contest requires and I’m actually surprised it was selected as a finalist. It was just a review of the N5’s features. Showing very practical uses is the complete opposite of the contest’s purpose.

    Essay #1 did describe a more original and creative way to use the N5. So going by the contest requirements, essay #1 actually tried to meet them.

  • I really liked how #2 showed all of the games and such. However, Essay #1 actually showed how they could productively use it with their job and I found it to be overall a more entertaining read.

  • Avatar of Inrvizion

    I don’t see how #1 is more original or innovative than #2… I mean the guy in #2 says he uses it as a nightlight, hand warmer, etc… I mean these uses are just as original, creative, and innovative as #1’s work related uses, if not more, I mean for the love of Pizza people, come on, the man uses it as hand warmer. I vote #2 hands down.

  • Both finalist did a nice job of describing features and functions. Pictures are worth a 1000 words and essay #2 showed the device’s
    physical properties better. I liked the comparison to the netbook (which I own) that essay #1 made and the ability to game that essay #2 pointed out. Since I judged on the basis of “would I buy” I favored #2 because the text gave me a better mental picture of the overall value of the unit.

  • Avatar of BulliEd

    I vote for #2. It was a very thorough view of the different features of the N5.

  • Avatar of rabadi

    I go for Essay # 1. I can relate to it more than I can to Essay # 2, but honestly both essays are good.

  • Avatar of Hector Sala

    Definitely (Steve A), #2, is my favorite.
    I applause the effort shown in making his story. It requires time and effort to do what he did. Victory well deserved.

    Can someone says why the #3 was disqualified?

  • Essay 1#:

    clearly better in reading sections with “related” images next to it.

  • O damn i voted on the wrong Essay! Cheaters, yesterday the hyperlinks were reversed!

  • No, they weren’t. All the other comments and the voting results so far proves that no one else was confused.

  • A vote for essay #1. The writer stuck with the requested theme.

  • Both reviews were good I thought and both gave me some new ideas on N5 usage but I think #1 has a slight edge so that’s the one I voted for.

  • This contest made me feel like buying a Viliv N5 and of course the main purpose of the whole thing.

    Anyway, are there instructions anywhere to open up the N5 and replace the WWAN card? I have Verizon service and not AT&T. Thanks.

  • Avatar of Steve A.


    I’m not sure what you mean here. The internal modem is generic 3G AFAIK.

    I put an AT&T SIM in it (the slot is plainly visible when the battery is removed) merely because _I_ use AT&T.

    I don’t think the device is limited to carrier. It is merely plain vanilla 3G and usable on any network for whom you have a SIM card. AFAIK.

    Does this answer your question?

  • The 3G version of the N5 comes with the Huawei EM770W GSM/UMTS WWAN card. In the US, it only supports AT&T’s 2G/3G frequencies (2G only for T-Mobile). It doesn’t work at all with CDMA/EV-DO carriers (ie. Verizon and Sprint).

    I would have to replace the WWAN card with another one that’s compatible with Verizon. That’s why I asked if there are any instructions on opening up the device.

  • I’d like to know about instructions also. I’d buy this in a heart beat if it had a Huawei EM770U or an Option GTM382 AWS so I could use my T-Mobile SIM.

  • Avatar of Steve A


    No need for me to say it, but you are absolutely right. Like I said, I wasn’t sure what was concerning you and I didn’t remember that Verizon was still EV-DO/CDMA. Sorry about that.

    So…what about buying the much-cheaper, non-3G N5 and going with, say, the MiFi 2200. Avoids the “tumorous growth” syndrome that doesn’t bother me but other have objected to, and gets you on Verizon. They still sell that, don’t they?

  • Avatar of Hector Sala

    I just can’t stop seeing my N5. I’m so in love…

  • Avatar of yamete888

    Has to by essay #1…aka Steve…

  • Me too. I want the 64 GB version but I can’t convince myself paying an extra $150 for something I can’t use.


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