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Angry Birds causing some HTC EVO 4Gs to overheat

Evo-ab-heat The full version of Angry Birds for Android is on fire. It's blazing a trail in the Market, having already surpassed the 2 million downloads mark, and according to G&E reader Joe, the game literally heats up the HTC EVO to the point of triggering the standard LED to flash green and orange, a tell-tale sign of overheating.

Joe says the EVO will overheat within about 2 hours of playing Angry Birds continuously, especially when replaying challenging levels without pause, regardless of whether a case is being used. The issue is obviously worse when the EVO is in a case, but he says that it can happen quite easily without a case as well. In addition to the flashing warning light, the phone's kickstand will become "burning hot" when the device is overheating.

Fortunately, flipping the stand out seems to draw heat away from the EVO and cool things down pretty quickly. I don't know the extent of damage that could be caused by overheating, but I definitely don't want to be the one to find out.

Is Angry Birds lighting a fire inside your EVO? And perhaps more importantly, do we need to start an Angry Birds Anonymous group to get your avian-slingshotting addiction under control?

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