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Easy way to quickly view HTC EVO apps that can be moved to SD card


One of the many great things about having Android 2.2 (Froyo) on the HTC EVO is that apps can be moved to the roomy SD card to free up some space on the phone. Unfortunately, not all apps support this feature and there's often no way of knowing whether it's possible before installing an app, which means you need to manually check each app yourself.

To do this, you go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications. Then you find the app you want to move, tap it, and cross your fingers that the "Move to SD card" button is enabled. What a waste of time!

From now on, just use an app like App 2 SD, SDMove, MoveToSD, or Apps 2 sdcard. As evident by their names, these apps compile a list of all the apps on your EVO that can be moved to the card, and of course they let you do it with a simple tap or two. They all simplify the process of moving apps to your EVO's SD card and are available for free from Android Market.

A quick note and the QR code for each app below.

App 2 SD [G&E's top pick]


App 2 SD is the most popular one of the group and the one I have on my EVO. It has an extra tab that displays a list of all the apps that cannot be moved and has the nicest, most polished UI, with colorful boxes displaying the app's name, icon, and used storage size. There's also a "move all apps" feature and the option to be notified when a newly installed app can be moved to the SD card.




What's nice about SDMove is that the list is color-coded:

  • Green: App has been moved to the SD card.
  • Yellow: App can be moved to the SD card.
  • Red: Dev has requested that the app be prevented from being moved.
  • Blue: App has been moved to the SD card and prefers to stay there.
  • Cyan: App is stored on the phone but prefers to be on the SD card.

This app also has a "move all" feature.




MoveToSD takes home the second-place prize for UI design. All of the apps are shown exactly as they normally look in your EVO's app drawer/tray and home screen.

This app is ad-supported.


Apps to sdcard


Apps to sdcard seems to be banking on people mistakenly thinking it's App 2 SD and then capitalizing on that by displaying ads, but the UI isn't too bad and it does what it's supposed to do.


Keep in mind that apps on the SD card will load after those stored on the EVO and that sometimes moving an app could cause it to misbehave (moving it back to the phone or uninstalling/reinstalling will usually fix any issues).

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