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Essential root apps for your rooted Dell Streak

Streak-suAlthough it isn't without risks, rooting your Dell Streak has some significant benefits. If you've never rooted an Android phone before, however, all of the new possibilities can be pretty overwhelming; some may even seem downright scary.

None of it really is once you get the hang of it, but a great way to get your feet wet is to start with something you already know how to do. Then when you become more comfortable with doing rooty things, you can go wild and dive in head first if you want. But if you're new to all of this, then it's best to start slowly.

So what do you already know how to do that lets you take advantage of having root access on your Streak? Installing apps. Most of the best root-only apps are right there alongside all the "regular" apps in Android Market, so the process is instantly familiar. Some of the other ones require less automated installation, but it's easy to install an .apk manually using a file manager like ASTRO (or even right from Gmail in Android 2.2).

There are lots of root apps to choose from, though, so I thought I'd repurpose a post I wrote on Good and EVO (my HTC EVO site) to narrow it down and get you started. There are other awesome root apps out there too, as well as great alternatives to what you'll find in the list, but these are my personal essentials.

In no particular order . . .

Wireless Tether

This is one of the crown jewels of root apps. Like Barnacle WiFi Tether, which many rooted Streak users already use, Wireless Tether turns your Streak  into a WiFi hotspot using its 3G connection. Note: Be mindful of your data usage if you don't have an unlimited data plan. Excessive usage could result in outrageous fees and some unwanted attention from your carrier.

Price: Free

Get it now: Google project page (not in Market)


Quick Boot

This app lets you reboot, boot into recovery, and boot into the bootloader with a single tap. You can also create shortcuts to each one on your home screen, making access to the functions even faster. When flashing zips and custom ROMs, which is part of the fun of rooting, an app like this is extremely useful.

Price: Free

Get it now: Market link


ROM Manager

ROM Manager is the hands-down easiest way to flash new ROMs, create Nandroid backups, and restore backups. On my HTC EVO, I keep backups of different ROMs so I can switch between them whenever I want to and not have to deal with setting everything up again. ROM development for the Streak is still very slow-going, so there's not much to choose from at the moment and therefore not a whole lot of use for this app . . . yet.

Price: Free, $3.99 (Premium version)

Get it now: Market link



ShootMe is one of several screen cap apps in the Market, but it's my favorite one and is particularly useful for anyone who has a blog and/or posts in forums.

Price: Free

Get it now: Market link


Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is invaluable after you've flashed a new ROM and want to quickly restore all of your apps, user data, and settings, but it's also great for removing unwanted apps, temporarily freezing apps, and of course backing up (batch and scheduled backups included).

Price: Free, $3.99+ (Donate version)

Get it now: Market link


Root Explorer

This is an awesome file manager that gives you access to everything on the Streak and lets you switch between read-only and read-write in all of the folders with a quick tap.

Price: £2.50

Get it now: Market link


Android Terminal Emulator

This app works on non-rooted Streaks too, but I think it's more useful on rooted phones. As its name suggests, it's a terminal emulator that lets you run command line utilities that you might normally run on a computer.

Price: Free

Get it now: Market link



This is the app you'll want for controlling the Streak's CPU. Depending on your kernel, you can overclock and underclock according to custom conditions/profiles (e.g., underclock when the screen is off).

Price: $1.99

Get it now: Market link


Copy Paste It

This app lets you copy text onto the clipboard from any screen on your Streak using image recognition technology. Accuracy varies and actually needs improvement, but it's nice to have copy/paste functions available throughout the entire phone.

Price: $3.99 (free trial available)

Get it now: Market link (free trial)


Hulu (Android 2.2 only)

If you've got Froyo on your Streak, then you can watch videos on Hulu. Thanks to the SkyRaider ROM developed for the Droid Incredible, you can install the .apks contained in you'll find below and watch Hulu in both the dev-created app and the regular website.

Price: Free

Get it now: SkyRaider goodies (not in Market)



And those are my picks for the root apps you should check out on your Dell Streak.

If you have any other recommendations for great root apps for the Streak, please leave them in the comments.

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18 thoughts on “Essential root apps for your rooted Dell Streak

  • Avatar of gavelis

    I don´t know if it´s essential, but especially for Streak I use the two lovely apps which need root:
    Streak Light (Market) – turns Streak LEDs on/off (Flashlight)
    Streak Radio (see Jenn´s article and Modaco-Forum for download)

  • Does rooting – affect game play? Rooted my streak and cant play angry birds. I am overclo king, if that helps. Thanks

  • Avatar of gavelis

    I installed Angry Birds from market on my rooted 2.1 and it runs great. Probably 1.6 or oc-ing probs…

  • Avatar of Wolfpack

    hi jenn,
    can you please tell me how to play movies in dell streak in full screen mode. the videos are played only 80% of the screen. tried different resolutions but no use.. any players to download…suggestions plz

  • Avatar of Wolfpack

    just after few hours of using dell streak i realised that dell streak is not compactable with so many popular apps
    1) angry bird (free full version ) is not working
    2) google earth is not working
    3) Lbyrinth (is not working)
    4) Unblock me free (is not working as expected )

  • Avatar of Wolfpack

    i tried but the clarity is so poor while playing :(

  • Wolfpack just so you know.. Both Angry Birds (Full Version) and Google Earth (Version 1.0) work for me. I have a rooted 2.1 leaked version of android running on my streak.

  • Avatar of Wolfpack

    oh…i’m running 1.6…thanks for letting me know :)

  • Avatar of simpl3lang

    Hi wolfpack. I hated 1.6 on the streak. Slow, laggy, just plain frustrating. If you look around this site theres ways to upgrade your steak to froyo 2.2. There are also detailed guides in forum modaco dellstreak. I really recommend stephen hydes unofficial froyo build. Its crazy smooth. Its like having my iphone 3gs back but better.

  • Avatar of aftab

    Yea but i recommend you update to 2.1 first. Heard that if you dont then it makes the tra nsition bit complicated

  • Avatar of wolfpack

    But that is not available for the australian streak (as it has a diffrenet build number) Please let me know if you or (anyone reading this) have any idea how to upgrade to 2.2.

  • Avatar of wolfpack

    or atleast 2.1. for australian streak

  • Avatar of vijay

    does any one know how to logout from android market and re login with different account????

  • Avatar of gilrad

    I found that Rockplayer doesn’t stretch video very well in 1.6, I would recommend either using the video’s original resolution (keep pressing the square button in the lower left corner until the video shrinks), or if you don’t mind flashing, try out the unofficial 2.1 or Steve’s 2.2 builds.

  • Avatar of YagamiLightoo

    random question…were you able to update your phone to 2.2 yet? as i am also using the leaked 2.1 version but my phone seems to refuse to find the update. any ideas on how i can fix this please

  • Angry birds, gun bros and few others don’t install for some reason if your sd card is mounted.. Un mount and they install.. You can mount the sd card after and they still work.. @least this is what happens on my streak.. Rooted or not..


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