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HTC EVO 4G shoots another HD music video

Evo-lr It was just last week that we saw the HTC EVO being used to shoot a music video in HD, and already the phone has booked itself another gig.

This time, the EVO's rear camera lens locks onto country music singer Lauren Rainey, who introduces her music video for "Crazy in Love" by showing the device and giving a little nod to Sprint's "firsts" marketing campaign: "first country music video shot on the HTC EVO, the nation's first 4G phone."

The video was shot in HD using the EVO's stock camera app in natural lighting conditions. A poster board was used to reflect the sunlight "from time to time," but everything else is exactly as it was on shooting day.

Have a look below.

Thanks, bill!

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15 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G shoots another HD music video

  • Avatar of mediaphile

    I love my Evo, but the camera is the absolute worst part of the phone, even worse than the sub-par battery life.

    Seriously, almost any digital camera hat shoots 720p video can do a better job.

    Obviously the camera is not the selling point of the phone, but this whole “shoot your music video on a cell phone camera” deal seems really silly.

  • Avatar of taharka

    So…uhm…is that some FroYo on her table at the coffee shop? Nice.

  • Avatar of William

    For artists who don’t have the 5-10k to shoot a music video, having the ability to put visuals to their music is a big deal. As the music industry changes and indie artists look for ways of promoting themselves, projects like these are changing the way music is marketed. It’s a small step, but for any singer/songwriter who wants to promote themselves, having the ability to shoot their own music video works.

  • Looks like it was shot pre-fps uncapping?

  • Froyo? What does that mean? That was a cute video and looks great on the camera….when you don’t have a lot of money to spend seems like a good way to go to me….

  • looks like a cupcake

  • I think it was good. I would have liked to see more post production work/effects but she has a good voice and the camera did quite well. Especially, for a phone.

  • Avatar of Chris (Northern Virgina)

    The video is great as long as there is not too much fast action. And I have taken some amazing concert pictures with the evo in very low light. I may have to send Jen a link.

  • Avatar of ZenTsang

    Very cute. And yeah… the camera may not be the best on the market … but she still made a good looking music video.

  • The camera takes great pics and video for what it is… which is a cell phone. Don’t compare it to a standalone camera because that not what its primary use is. Its the same way you wouldn’t compare a standalone HD camcorder to a digital camera that can record video in HD.

    I’m sure, even on an indie artists budget, she could have got and HD cam to record her video. But using the Evo is all part of the marketing aspect indie artist use. She’s probably hoping someone at Sprint/HTC sees the video and throws her a bone.

  • I am not sure how many of you have had the actual pleasure (don’t strangle me) of using the Samsung Epic’s camera, but let me tell you, it is Far superior to ours. Not only is it PACKED with features (pre sets to do SMS, ADD ME, where you can add yourself to a picture of…you guessed it, yourself, not to mention tons of other features) and we get… trash. Is there a decent app for the camera? Because I’d like to hit a button to outfit the camera with the necessary features in which to send an SMS vid rather than recall I need to switch the settings to avoid shooting a 2 second video… HTC needs to get on that as the EPIC is far superior. I’d actually rather have the EPIC, as i do take a lot of mobile pics and vids.

  • and thank god she did not use QIK in her video. LOL

  • Lets get side tracked this AM, what kind of wrx do you have? :-)


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