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Official Froyo update for Dell Streak to include Stage UI, coming in November?


When Dell will release the official Android 2.2 update for the Streak is probably not a big concern to anyone already running vanilla Froyo on their device, especially considering the company's existing UI customizations. However, some new information I pieced together suggests that at least some of us may end up going back to stock 1.6 so we can get the official Froyo build from Dell.

What you're looking at above is reportedly the beta build of the official 2.2 update for the Streak (via @SirJofHossthanks, Jonny). Many people have dismissed it, but what corroborates its legitimacy is this quote from TheStreet, who recently got a sneak preview of Dell's upcoming products:

"Dell is also planning to update the Streak in November, adding its Stage software to the device."

What's Stage, you ask? It's the new touch interface you see in the photo. It's currently exclusive to the new Inspiron One desktop, but a company rep speaking to BetaNews last month said that "Dell intends to introduce Stage on some other new devices of various sizes throughout its line-up."

This is Stage on the Inspiron One:

The similarities are uncanny, no? I don't know how Stage for Android will differ from Stage for Windows 7, but you can read more about the latter in Dell's press release.

Although the snippet from TheStreet doesn't specifically mention Froyo, I think it's definitely implied. We know that Dell is releasing the 2.2 update by the end of the year, I've previosly mentioned that November has been the expected release date, and it just doesn't make sense for Stage to come in a separate update for Android 1.6 in the US.

That's my thinking, anyway, and what I take away from all the separate pieces of information.

What do you think? Froyo with Stage in November sound about right to you?

[TheStreet | BetaNews] Thanks, X-Man & FldrEnhcr!

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