ONN OPad N3 is the latest 1GHz RK2818-powered Android 2.1 tablet out of China


With Rockchip's RK2818 processor becoming more and more popular in a new generation of cheap tablets, it's no surprise to see another new device using the chipset coming out of China. Produced by ONN and called the OPad N3, at first glance the new MID looks to be a well designed and well specified tablet starting with a neat simple design with a gray metal surround around the screen. As for the actual hardware, the N3 features a 7-inch WVGA capacitive touch screen, the aforementioned 1GHz RK2818 processor, WiFi, EVDO 3G, and the standard issue USB, microSD, and headphone out ports.

It's uncertain whether the device will have access to Android Market, but seeing as it doesn't appear to have voice capability this is unlikely. While the RK2818 isn't a match for Cortex and Snapdragon processors, it's a respectable option for decent media playback, including HD video, and simple web browsing performance in budget tablets like the OPad N3. Set to be released in China in the next few weeks for around US$160, the OPad N3 should be a very attractively priced option for cheap tablet hunters.

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