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Pocketables welcomes a new writer to the site!


Since having my daughter last year and then losing my mind a few months ago when I decided to start two new sites (sleep deprivation has evidently driven me completely mad because I have plans for more sites), I haven't been able to keep Pocketables as updated as I would like it be. Having Chris and Jeremy on board has been incredibly helpful to me over the past year, but I've decided to bring on another writer to make news posts more timely and increase the amount of original content and reviews on the site.

I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce and welcome Zealot to the Pocketables team. Here he is in his own words:

One would think that being Senior News Editor at Mobilitysite would assuage my gadget addiction, but sadly no. I am not called Zealot for nothing, it would seem. At Mobilitysite I cover the whole range of tech devices and accessories as well as the issues facing the industry, but I guess that simply was not enough.

When Jenn asked me to share my views and post breaking news here at Pocketables, I admit I jumped at the chance for several good reasons. First, I have followed her work here and at other sites for quite a while now and have always wanted a chance to work with her. Second, I have always had a special love for the sort of pocket-sized tech you can carry around on your person at all times, and Pocketables will give me an excuse to . . . um . . . I mean, it will require me to work and play with more such gadgets in order to share them with all of you.

Lastly, did I mention that I have strong opinions I like to vent on a regular basis? With more than 10 years as a user of mobile technology for work and play, and nearly five years as a blogger and writer about personal technology, I have had time to build up a lot of opinions on Apple, Android, Microsoft, and everything in between. And I am not shy about sharing or debating them. Therefore, if you think I am wrong or completely off my nut, then bring it on.

I am grateful to Jenn for giving me a chance to subject all of you to my opinions and am looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.

Welcome aboard, Zealot!

Keep an eye on the bylines of future posts, everyone, because Zealot is wasting no time in getting started.

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