Samsung Galaxy Tab available for £530 pre-order via Carphone Warehouse UK


While Samsung did a great job of leaking details in the lead-up to the Galaxy Tab launch and has since dropped some nice snippets for us while we wait for it to hit the shelves, one piece of critical information that has yet to receive the official treatment is the final retail price for the highly anticipated Android tablet. Most figures we have seen so far have been unofficial inflated pre-order prices and rumored carrier prices with subscription to a plan.

The latest pre-order from UK-based retailer Carphone Warehouse appears to be the most accurate-sounding figure we've come across so far, with the 16GB Galaxy Tab being given a standalone price of £529.99, which works out to around US$844. Identically matching the price of the 16GB iPad with WiFi and 3G in the UK, it's looking very likely that this will be the final retail price in that territory. Samsung will definitely also want to closely match iPad pricing in other regions and taking into account the inclusion of tax in Carphone Warehouse's price, the chances are that the Galaxy Tab may be closer to the $700 mark when it hits these shores.

Since it's unveiling, many have voiced concerns over the potential price of the Galaxy Tab and until we get the final word from Samsung, no one can be certain about how much we will need to part with. But based on this latest information, is the Galaxy Tab overpriced? How much would you be willing to pay for the premium Android tablet?

[Carphone Warehouse via Engadget]
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