Samsung Galaxy Tab headed to Best Buy: $499 and up, Sprint, Verizon, silver/black, WiFi-only, WiFi + 3G

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be released in the US next month, as you know, but who knew that Best Buy wanted in on the action?

The store is already advertising the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet in both a silver WiFi-only variety and WiFi + 3G versions from Verizon (black) and Sprint (silver). Prices start at $499 with no mail-in rebates involved, and the 3G service looks to be available from both carriers with a contract or a month-to-month plan. A Best Buy "mobile specialist" needs to be consulted for more details, though the one I spoke to had no idea what the Tab even was.

Whether Best Buy will release the device on the same days as the carriers is unknown, but the store will be selling it in November like everyone else. Also up in the air is whether the T-Mobile and AT&T variants will get the yellow-tag treatment as well.

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So who's getting one?

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18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab headed to Best Buy: $499 and up, Sprint, Verizon, silver/black, WiFi-only, WiFi + 3G

  • so do they have the market place access?

  • archos 7 doesn’t have, but cherrypad says they have.

  • $us.500 for the wi-fi version. YEEEEES, I will buy It.

  • Avatar of mdoublea

    Yes, it does have access to the Android Market as per the official website…

    click under “Specification” and it says on the left hand column 5th one down.

  • Avatar of Charles

    Excellent alternative for the iPad. Especially if it really has official Google Market on it.

  • yes via a dock. thats okay with me IMO. dont wanna put it on a surface that will scratch it. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!

  • Why does it start at $499 when they are selling Sprint versions, with contract? Sprint is selling that version for $399.

  • Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!! All this $599 nonsense……with all the added features over the iPad, a Wi-Fi version at $499 is VERY acceptable!!
    Now….how many of my kid’s toys do I have to sell to get one…… :)

  • The “hack” is made by Archos. It’s more of a patch.

  • Too bad the WiFi on the Archos tablets sucks. Can’t stream HD videos well. That 802.11n Archos tablets supposedly have maxes out at only 65 Mbps theoretically speeds using only the 2.4 GHz band (pretty much the same as 802.11g). The Galaxy Tab does 150 Mbps on 802.11n in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

    The Hummingbird chipset in the Galaxy Tab is also better than the TI OMAP chipset in the Archos. The Hummingbird has a significantly better GPU (PowerVR SGX 540) for 2D/3D graphics and can decode 1080p high profile at level 5.1 H.264 videos.

  • Meant level 4.1, sorry.

  • The Galaxy Tab also has 2 GB of app storage while the Archos tablets only have 256 MB. That’s good since apps are getting bigger and bigger. Apps specifically made for tablets are likely to have more features could get very large.

  • Avatar of platypus

    The Archos tablets use the TI OMAP36xx chipset and only uses the PowerVR SGX530 GPU which is significantly less capable than the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s PowerVR SGX540 GPU. There’s a reason why the Archos tablets are considered a budget/cheap line.

  • Yes, it does have access to the market place.

  • Avatar of Vertigo

    65Mbps is still significantly faster than a 3G/4G internet connection, which would be the limiting factor in any tablet or phone/tablet tethered combo being used for internet access. As for the Archo having a weaker processor and GPU, I’m sure it’s still good enough for most people. It will all come down to quality, reviews, and performance/cost ratio. Assuming it’s of decent quality, the Archos will likely be plenty capable for most people and at a lower cost. Each will have their place, as long as people are realistic with their expectations for what they’re spending and keep the facts straight, like the “slow” Archos WiFi which wouldn’t even impact internet use. I hope both are quality products that do well filling their own niche and provide competition to the tablet market, but only time will tell.


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