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Titanium Backup offers rooted HTC EVO amazing array of batch operations

Evo-tbbatch Most of you already have Titanium Backup (one of G&E's top 10 root apps) installed on your rooted HTC EVO 4G, but on the horrifyingly off chance that you don't, I wanted to give you a firm but gentle prodding to get it now.

Its ability to get rid of the Sprint apps preloaded on the EVO or restore all of your backed up apps (even protected ones) with ease—unbelievably useful when flashing custom ROMs—is reason enough to give the app "must-install" status, but one of the things I find truly astounding is its selection of batch operations. It makes the average, run-of-the-mill "backup all" or "restore all" options found in other backup tools look like microscopic pre-appetizers to Titanium's veritable feast.

Here's a list (taken straight from Menu -> Batch in the app) of everything in the decadent buffet line that all of you Titanium Backup-less rooted HTC EVO owners are missing out on.


  • Verify all your backups
  • Backup all user apps
  • Backup all system data
  • Backup all user app + system data
  • Forced redo of your backups
  • Redo your old (>3 days) backups
  • Redo backups for newer app versions
  • Backup all new apps & newer versions


  • Restore missing apps with data
  • Restore missing apps + all system data
  • Restore newer versions of user apps
  • Restore all apps with data


  • Move user apps to the SD card
  • Move user app to internal memory


  • Uninstall backed up user apps
  • Uninstall non-backed up user apps
  • Uninstall all user apps


  • Delete backups for uninstalled apps
  • Delete all backups

Isn't that incredible? And batch operations are just one of many things Titanium Backup can do.

There's just no excuse not to have it on your rooted HTC EVO.

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