Unofficial Froyo build for Dell Streak gets HTC-flavored theme

Streak-froyo-theme (1)

Themes are a great way to dress up a rooted Android phone, and the Dell Streak running Stephen Hyde's Froyo ROM (now up to version 1.1) recently got a very nice one.

Thanks to the work of kikamal in the MoDaCo forum, any Streak with Stephen's ROM can get a light cosmetic makeover that includes new taskbar icons (the circular one on the left isn't included), a more readable notification shade, the colorful settings menu icons from HTC Sense, and a spruced up launcher menu. There may be other changes as well, but those are the ones that I've noticed so far.

Screenshots and a quick how-to below.

Streak-froyo-theme (3)

Streak-froyo-theme (2)

Streak-froyo-theme (4)

Note: This theme is purely cosmetic, so you won't lose or gain any functionality by applying it.

To get kikamal's theme on your Froyo-running Streak using a Windows computer:

  1. Download kikamal's themev2forum.rar on your computer and extract it using something like WinRAR.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your Streak by tapping Menu -> Settings ->Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.
  3. Connect the Streak to your computer.
  4. Open the extracted themev2forum folder and double-click the themekika.cmd file inside it.
  5. The command prompt will automatically open. Leave it alone until it tells you to press any key to continue. Doing so will close the command prompt and reboot your Streak.
  6. When your Streak is rebooted, the theme will be applied but your Google account will need to be re-entered.
  7. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google to enter your normal login details.


[Android @ MoDaCo]
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15 thoughts on “Unofficial Froyo build for Dell Streak gets HTC-flavored theme

  • Avatar of Rahul Kadukar

    Does this work on V1 also ?

  • Avatar of Daphnie

    it makes me want to do it but i going to wait on the official build…… what clock widget are you usong for the time.

  • Avatar of Rahul Kadukar

    One more question, what if I want to undo the effects :)

  • Avatar of barry99705

    Backup, reinstall the original rom.

  • Avatar of Bakana

    Beautiful widgets bought from market.

  • Is this already there in V1.1, and these instructions are how to install on V1? I have V1 and am not entirely sure I like this new theme (maybe, just not sure), so it might make me consider whether to upgrade to V1.1.

  • Avatar of The Fixer

    Call Waiting Call Waiting! I want to load this ROM SO BAD, but I can’t live without Call Waiting! Argh!

  • Avatar of jdmnash

    what battery health/status app is that?

  • Is it safe to assume that this doesn’t apply to the latest ROM’s from DJ_Steve?


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