Unofficial Froyo ROM for Dell Streak leaves beta, enters V1 release

Streak-froyo-v1 Even though the update process has been simplified and the 30 fps cap removal is just one of many benefits, many of you may have shied away from flashing the unofficial Android 2.2 ROM on the Dell Streak because of the build's beta status. That four-letter "B word" can be quite unsettling to anyone who doesn't want to risk the well-being of their device just to get the latest version of Android onto it.

It's an understandable concern, but if the beta label was the only red light keeping you frozen at the intersection, then you should know that the light turned green over the weekend. It's now safe to cross the street and join us in the bustling city of Froyo.

Version 1.0 of the ROM (link below) was released on Saturday and according to its dev, it's "stable enough to transition from beta status to a proper release level." Previous issues with Android Market have been fixed, the black theme introduced in beta version 0.3 has been fine-tuned, and of course the entire system is still fast and smooth.

I was already very happy with the way the last beta version was performing on my Streak, but the new V1 build is definitely the best release so far. Froyo in general has breathed new life into my Streak, which has never been able to hold its head up high when in the company of my HTC EVO (running official Froyo since August), and I see no reason to ever abandon DJ_Steve's ROM for whatever Dell pushes out later this year.

[Android @ MoDaCo]
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17 thoughts on “Unofficial Froyo ROM for Dell Streak leaves beta, enters V1 release

  • Well jenn, I have been a close follower of your website ever since its first post. If this is good enough for you its good enough for me. Time to update to 2.2.

    Thanks Stephen, I cant wait to try froryo :D

  • OK, it might be time to do this. Jenn, can you provide a link (if it’s not at MoDaCo) or instructions that detail current steps to go from 1.6 and 2.1? I’d be doing the former.

  • My bad, I read the official steps and it looks pretty straightforward. If I have time this weekend I’ll attempt the upgrade!

  • Avatar of Falgun Javia

    Rockymtnbri if you can assist my laziness and tell me where this step by step process is??? thank you

  • I updated to the v3 rev over the weekend starting from a stock ATT 1.6 Streak. I didn’t have any trouble going from ATT 1.6 to O2 1.6 to O2 2.1 by mindlessly following the instructions. However I had issues going from O2 2.1 to 2.2 v3. It’d boot up and get stuck on the Dell logo. I’d have to remove the cover to turn it off and reboot. Eventually I got past this issue by playing around with things in the Clockwork menu… wiping/resetting everything, then going to partitions tool and selecting mount for everything I could mount. Basically just choosing menu options hoping something would improve the situation. Don’t know what fixed it, exactly, but I had a good hour where my Streak wasn’t working.

    On v3 I have some market issues. A few things just don’t appear in the market for me. But even with my scare and the hobbled market, it was completely worth the hassle. It’s like my Streak is the device is should be at last. I agree with Jenn, too. I thought I liked the Dell user interface mods, but I was simply wrong. Everything about the user interface is better with this Froyo build than with the stock Dell build. Everything. I really can’t imagine wanting to flash Dell’s official ROM whenever it comes out either.

  • Avatar of ber.a808

    720P recording still not working…

  • Avatar of ber.a808

  • Avatar of Falgun Javia

    very much thank you for you sir. will try it hopefully it is easy.

  • Avatar of Stuck to Atnt becasue they gave me a good deal

    Is there a way to go to 2.2 directly from 1.6. I had a lot of problems upgrading to 2.1 (black screen of death) and I ended up returning the phone to dell. Gladly they sent me another device but now I am scared to take the first jump!

  • Not with this ROM. I don’t know what would happen if you tried it anyway, but considering that the ROM’s dev says that you need to be on 2.1 first, I wouldn’t chance it.

  • I just did this yesterday (going from AT&T 1.6 to 2.2)

    Fastboot = power+camera, select fastboot, connect to PC to send new bootloader tso it can read the update.pkg or zip

    Recovery Mode = Power+vol up & down to apply new image to phone

    On PC get fastboot driver enabled as well as the O2 bootloader module and the clockwork recovery module

    On sdcard get O2 2.1 update.pkg (as update.pkg) and 2.2 (as

    On streak, go to fastboot, connect USB, apply 02 bootloader
    reboot into recovery mode, apply O2 update.pkg, allow it to install

    on streak, go to fastboot, connect USB, apply Clockwork bootloader, reboot into recovery mode, apply 2.2

    On streak, go to recovery mode, do factory reset, reboot

    Wait about 5 minutes for Dell boot logo to go away


    All told once you have all the pieces together, it only took about 15 minutes to do

  • nice, this pretty much cements my streak purchase (upgrade w/ ATT) in November. Unless something on ATT completely blows me away (the WP7 phone options didn’t).

  • Avatar of Kaka Montel

    hi everybody

    i know everyone is talking about froyo and everything but i am really concerned that the dell streak, considering that gingerbread 3.0 is effectively around the corner, will it get it or not, is the dell streak limited in support to 2.2 only? it would be a dying shame if that were the case.
    I have my dell streak running the official 2.1 from o2 and it works very well for me with adw launcher as well as being rooted and clocked so it super fantastic but i cant help but think about the potential and what its capabilities are especially seeing as slightly newer devices would be getting the upgrade.


  • I don’t think anyone has the answer to that, and I work for Dell.

  • Well it meets the minimum hardware requirements so it’s capable of holding gingerbread.

    Even if Dell don’t follow through with it, someone will make a ROM for it, as is the case with Froyo now…

  • After many hours and what I thought was a bricked phone, I got 2.2 installed. I like it, but went back to 2.1 for three reasons. 1) Stephen’s 2.2 doesn’t yet support 720 video recording, 2) all of my .mp4’s have a horizontal green band that takes up the top 1/5 of the screen, and 3) the icons are too small. #3 might be more of an issue with ADW Launcher, but I couldn’t deal with the green bands.

    Anybody else having problems with .mp4’s?


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