USB storage devices now accessible on rooted Dell Streak

Streak-usb-drives When users discovered that the Dell Streak secretly supports USB host/OTG last month, USB keyboards hooked up to a USB OTG adapter (with pins 4 and 5 connnected) were the extent of how the function could be used. Storage devices like flash drives and memory card readers couldn't be mounted properly.

Until now, that is. Remember the guy who first confirmed that the Streak's charging/sync connector is PDMI and who later created a mini USB adapter for it? His name is John and he recently figured out how to access USB storage devices on the Streak. The process is quite complicated for the average user, requiring knowledge/use of ADB and command line prompts, but there's a tutorial at the link below that lays out everything you need to know if you're feeling adventurous.

[Linuxslate.com] Thanks, John!

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Jenn K. Lee

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7 thoughts on “USB storage devices now accessible on rooted Dell Streak

  • Avatar of AfAddres

    Amazing, hope these capabilities become more accessible to the everyday user.

  • Avatar of lungjian

    Not terribly usable at this point, but a huge step toward enabling this functionality for regular users. I can’t imagine someone handing me a flash drive to copy a file and saying, “Oh. Give me 10 minutes to enable that on my phone.” Personally, I’d need to carry a copy of the instructions also. And then rebooting to regain system stability and SD card functionality.

    Still, it’s an awesome read. Hopefully someone will be able to package this all up in an app (and figure out how to end a session without rebooting). And hopefully USB OTG cables and adapters will become more common…

  • Interesting to see how far this moves along.

    Also led me to an intriguing setup where one could have their Dell Streak, on it’s docking station connected to a TV via HDMI and also an external USB drive with media on it. I realize the USB port on the docking station is mean to connect out to a computer and not another peripheral, but it still is a nice dream. :)

  • Jenn, and others interested. I eventually found a source for a nifty little USB OTG adapter that plugs into the home dock and allows immediate (and so far, troublefree!) use of a regular USB Keyboard. As noted in Jenn’s posts, a “regular” USB mini to USB A female adapter will NOT work. But the “Nokia N800 USB 360 OTG Adapter” sold by Electronic Product Online Ltd. (Canada – $11.55+$5.25 shipping via Economy mail to US, anyway) works like a charm. It seems a bit pricey, and takes a couple of weeks to get it, but it is nifty. Setting the Streak in the dock and using the keyboard is the closest thing to “laptop” experience imaginable for a “cell phone.” I’m just sharing because I got clued into the possibility here, and thought others might want confirmation before spending the time and effort to purchase an adapter. Thanks again, Jenn, for your helpful site.

  • Avatar of White Joe

    >> Thanks again, Jenn, for your helpful site.

    And for yummy storage too!

  • “…I can’t imagine someone handing me a flash drive to copy a file and saying, “Oh. Give me 10 minutes to enable that on my phone.”…

    Just to clarify, you only do the steps I outlined once. After that,You can access files on a USB device within seconds of having it handed to you, and without touching a command line.

    Removing it properly is also 100% GUI, and takes only a few seconds.

  • It works fine on the home dock.

    You could do exactly what you describe. All you need is a real OTG cable as mentioned.

    Not sure how the performance would be, As I have not tested this specific configuration, but I have no reason to believe there would be a problem.


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