Viliv’s N5 pays a visit to the FCC, CDMA version may be coming stateside


Since it was released back in May, anyone in the US who was interested in getting their hands on Viliv's excellent N5 UMPC would need to take the slightly more round-about route of ordering and importing one from specialist sites such as Dynamism, Viliv's official flagship US partner.

But that looks like it may be about to change with the discovery by some eagle-eyed Pocketables readers that the diminutive N5 has just passed through the doors of the FCC and gained certification, meaning another option may very well be heading stateside in the near future. According to the FCC documents, the version tested by the FCC is designated as the N5 Premium and equipped with a CDMA 3G modem in place of the GSM 3G modem in the current model, making it more suitable for use on US networks such as Sprint and Verizon. Interestingly the documents also mention that WiFi and Bluetooth wireless radios cannot be used at the same time as the CDMA WWAN modem, with a few current N5 users pointing out that this isn't the case with the existing GSM N5.

There hasn't been any confirmation or information about price or availability from Viliv regarding the new CDMA N5 but this is definitely something we'll be keeping an eye on. With some Viliv products already being sold in Best Buy, could the N5 be next? How many of you would be interested in getting a CDMA equipped version of the current best truly portable Windows PC on the market?

[FCC via Pocketables Forum]
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Jeremy To

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9 thoughts on “Viliv’s N5 pays a visit to the FCC, CDMA version may be coming stateside

  • Avatar of Peter

    I’d get one from Best Buy. I just need to make sure I can do a swap to the CDMA modem in the N5 and keep my unlimited Verizon mobile broadband.

  • Avatar of Kenneth

    If I could buy a Viliv N5 with a 64 GB SSD and no WWAN at Best Buy, I’d buy one right now. I can justify the one time payment for the N5 with no WWAN module but not the ongoing costs of mobile broadband.

  • I’d just be happy if they would offer SSD upgrades, and a extended battery. I wish they would offer the 64GB SSD for around $150-180. Then I’d upgrade my SSD and put the full win7 os on it.

  • I hope more people buy the N5 when it’s officially released in the US so Viliv will stay in business and continue making the pocketable computers I like. I can’t seem to find any UMIDs right now so maybe I missed the confirmation on that rumor of UMID going out of business. I hope they don’t go away like OQO.

    Typed from my newly delivered Viliv N5.

  • This is nice. Maybe now I could go to a Best Buy and test one out. I have to make sure I can actually thumb type on one of these.

  • What doesn’t T-Mobile get any love? It has grown up into a full fledged mobile broadband provider now.

  • Oops, meant why not what.

  • this good news. i’m going to wait on buying one so i could get some hands on time before deciding on buying one.

  • Avatar of Gearsguy

    Seems good, but I sort of doubt this will be big. I mean, like many of you may already know, in the US people would be fascinated by the N5 and want one badly. But then they’d hear 1,000$, call it crap, and buy a netbook.


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