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Are HTC EVO owners buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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Sprint is now selling its version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and since all HTC EVO users are Sprint customers, maybe you're thinking of picking one up.

Are you? (Or did you?)

I can understand why iPhone owners buy the iPad, as the difference in screen size is very significant (3.5" vs 9.7"), but I'm curious about whether the 7-inch Tab is appealing to most 4.3-inch EVO users. The Tab has a larger, higher resolution screen, as well as a newer/better CPU and graphics chip, more internal storage, and Bluetooth 3.0, but it doesn't have 4G, 720p video recording, HDMI out, or a kickstand. It also has a lower resolution rear camera and of course is bigger and heavier than the EVO. Both run Froyo, have dual cameras with LED flash, and are equipped with microSD card slots, though, so despite their differences, there's also a lot of overlap.

So are people who already have a generously sized Froyo phone in their pockets (that's you and your EVO) making room in their bags and their lives for an even bigger Froyo device?

I bought one last week from T-Mobile for a number reasons. The most obvious one is that I'm just a gadget addict who doesn't care about redundancy and likes shiny new things. In addition to that, though, T-Mobile was the first US carrier to start selling it, I like the black back (Sprint's version has a white back), and I also like the flexibility of SIM cards (before the EVO, I was strictly a GSM girl). My reasoning is skewed by my technophilia, though, so I'd like to what all of you sane EVO users out there think of the Tab.

And if you're thinking of joining me over on this side, here are some pics of the two devices so you can get a better idea of the size difference.

Evo-tab (4)

Evo-tab (5)

Evo-tab (2)

Evo-tab (3)

Evo-tab (7)

Evo-tab (8)

Note: The Tab's LCD density is the same as the EVO's (240). I've already rooted my Tab and changed the density to make better use of the screen, but what's shown in the photos are the stock densities on both for a fairer comparison.

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