Best Buy selling Dell Streak for $249.99


While Dell made sure to promote its $3 navigation bundle deal for Cyber Monday yesterday, Best Buy quietly dropped the price of the AT&T-locked Streak (with two-year contract) by $50.

Now selling for $249.99 without the help of a mail-in rebate or coupon, the black 16GB Streak is currently in stock and eligible for free shipping. The white Streak, also reduced to $249.99 on contract, is listed as being sold out online, which is strange since it was supposedly only ever available in stores.

Best Buy isn't making a big deal about the lower price at all, which suggests that it may not be a special offer. Maybe it's just the new price? Dell continues to sell this variant of the device for $299.99, so if you're looking to buy the Streak on contract right now, then you know where to go.

[Best Buy] Thanks, Justin & Chad!

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16 thoughts on “Best Buy selling Dell Streak for $249.99

  • Avatar of X-Man

    That’s great news. I’ve been a fan for quite some time, but have been holding off buying the Streak until it came with Froyo. Seems like the time has arrived for me to officially join the ranks of satisfied STREAKERS!

    I might be the biggest Streak fan without a Streak. I can’t wait.

    Jenn, once again, thanks for this great resource. If it wasn’t because of this site, I’m not sure I would be so excited about getting the Streak.

  • Avatar of p51d007

    Hold off if you want 2.2…unless anyone can confirm it, they are still shipping with 1.6 until mid December.

  • Thru all my dealings yesterday with customer service, they will not ship with 2.2 til at least Dec 8th.

  • Avatar of X-Man

    Yup. I saw Jenn’s comment about the new date from Dec. 8 to Dec. 13th.

    I guess, in reality, I will have to wait. It’s just that it’s so close. I can taste it. It will be an early holiday present to myself. :)


  • Avatar of mike

    It’s still $299 with contract on Dell. Best Buy might be unloading the 2.1 streaks before selling 2.2 at $300 again.

  • Why would you hold off? Couldn’t you just update the firmware yourself?

  • Oh poo, I got my streak 2 weeks ago, at best buy.

  • Avatar of X-Man

    Yes, but I’m a little lazy truth be told. However, I don’t know if I can hold out for much longer. I’ve been wanting to buy this thing since August as a birthday present to myself.

    I’m a little older now so I have a little more patience too. :)

  • thirty day price match guarantee, they should give you the difference back I’m pretty sure…

  • Bought a white streak about a week ago. Headed to BB tomorrow to claim my refund of $50. Maybe I’ll use it for an Otterbox? Hmm, I like that idea.

    Just FYI – A guy by the name of DJ_Steve on #dellstreak has released a 2.2 rom with a number of mods. It is based on the 2.2 rom for the unlocked streaks.

    There are instructions for installing on black streaks, but white streaks are upgraded differently using a tool call QDLTool. DO NOT UPGRADE A WHITE STREAK UNLESS YOU USE QDLTool…ask me how I know…

    I’m up and running on 1.4.6 of DJ_Steve’s rom, it rocks and is like a whole new phone compared to 1.6 (which I was quite happy with.)

  • Avatar of Antony Koch

    Got my streak free on a 2 year contract in the UK with O2. Howcome AT&T are charging $250?!

  • Avatar of FrankC

    Where did you find the instructions for the upgrade for the White Streak? Currently have stock 1.6 looking to get 1.4.6.

  • price is back to 299, what gives?

  • Well, it WORKED!!! I went back yesterday and got $50 plus tax. Nice money to have and spend, YEA!!!!!


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