BlackBerry PlayBook could be cheaper than you think


When the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet was first revealed at the end of September, RIM covered nearly all the major bases, providing full technical details, software/platform information, intended product positioning, and the software development environment. But the company made no mention regarding the price, leaving many of us to speculate that it could be prohibitively high, judging by the hardware and professional/business market positioning.

But the latest information reported by Bloomberg indicates that the PlayBook may actually be cheaper than we initially thought with a rumored price said to be below the $500 mark. RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie added that the new product would be "very competitively priced." Some other details mentioned included the US launch being penciled in for Q1 2011, with global launches following in Q2.

Keeping in mind that the cheapest iPad has a starting price of $499, it looks like RIM is planning to undercut the current king of the hill and perhaps some other rivals in order to aggressively build its market share in the highly competitive tablet market. With the PlayBook featuring a new platform, the QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS, rather than an established existing platform, it is essential for RIM to bring developers and apps on-board quickly with a growing market share being a primary step to that goal. Hopefully this price rumor will prove to be accurate as a sub-$500 figure for a top-end 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9, 7-inch WSVGA tablet certainly sounds very tempting.

[Bloomberg via Liliputing]
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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry PlayBook could be cheaper than you think

  • It actually looks like a very sweet device. In fact it has me contemplating buying a BB for the first time. I’m impressed with the specs on both the Playbook and the Tab. I am waiting to see the reviews on how this dual devices will work with each other.

  • Black Berry kinda appeals the business market. An easier way to claim a tablet PC at your boss lol.

  • I’m concerned the Samsung Tab missed the boat with pricing, especially with all the rumored new devices coming out in early 2011 and the new tablets out new from Archos with good features and build quality (ex: Archos 101 10″ tablet for $300).

    Blackberry – at sub $500 – rumored not to be subsidized with any carrier and WiFi only – would be a HELL OF A DEAL.


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