ITG’s long-awaited xpPhone finally and unbelievably available for purchase!


Mere days after reappearing in the headlines running Windows 7, the ITG xpPhone is back in the news again for something much more significant. The long-awaited device is finally available for purchase online! This striking turn of events is quite unexpected given the recent period of silence and uncertainty but is surely a very welcome development for everyone who has been waiting for the past couple of years and wanting to carry a UMPC/phone hybrid device running Windows in their pocket.

Unlike the example demo-ed in the latest video, the models on sale are not running Windows 7, instead shipping with the originally specified Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (WES2009), an upgraded version of WinXP Embedded. There are a few specifications available: a base model with an 8GB SSD with or without 3G for $798 or $732, respectively, or a 16GB model with or without 3G for $876 or $810. Alternatively, both capacities without 3G are also available without Windows, shipping with DOS instead for $666 (8GB) or $765 (16GB).

Available to order directly on ITG's xpPhone English website with international shipping and payment via PayPal, the xpPhone is certainly not cheap. But it may be worth it for those of us wanting a one-of-a-kind "PC in a pocket" device. Head to the link below for the ordering page where you'll also find the full specifications in case you forgot anything. Anyone planning to take the plunge?

[xpPhone via Engadget]
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