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Miren Browser brings “most intuitive browsing experience” to HTC EVO

Evo-miren-browser Also known as the MIUI or Charming Browser, the officially named WebKit-based Miren Browser from China is now available on the always-stocked shelves of Android Market.

Launched in the Market on Thanksgiving Day, the web browser has been fully translated into English and is hailed by its maker, Miren Mobile, as the "fastest browser for Android with instant back/forward" and described as "[bringing] you the most intuitive browsing experience."

Notable features include multitouch, pinch zooming, tabbed browsing, Flash support, full-screen mode, easy taskbar and URL bar show/hide (swipe down on top of screen), floating buttons, in-browser brightness controls, night mode, quick access bookmarks, and bookmark folders.

I've been using Miren for a few days on my EVO and am really impressed by its speed, fluidity, and features. The UI is clean, navigation is straightforward, and pages render nicely. I don't know if it's the most intuitive, but considering that just about anyone could use it with little to no guidance, I think it definitely comes close.

Miren Browser is free to download and contains no ads, so it's definitely worth checking out.


Market link

Screenshot time! Click any image to view in full-size.

Evo-miren1 Evo-miren2

Evo-miren3 Evo-miren4

Evo-miren5 Evo-miren6



Evo-miren7 Evo-miren10

Evo-miren9 Evo-miren11

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