Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragons set to power 10+ tablets in 2011


It's a familiar scenario for all of us who are interested in following the latest developments in processor technology. A chip manufacturer launches a stunning new piece of silicon on paper, but doesn't provide any detailed information regarding customers and actual products to use it, leaving us to impatiently wonder and wait for the day when we can finally buy a product powered by something announced ages ago. Some recent prime examples include the nVidia Tegra series, Intel Atom Z6xx MoorestownCreative ZiiLabs processors, and even Qualcomm's own Snapdragon series.

But following its delay to now launch next year, the company was keen to show its next generation dual-core Snapdragon would hit the ground running by announcing during a recent earnings call that it was working with over 10 companies on tablets that intend to use the flagship processor. Qualcomm also commented on uncertainty regarding the potential size of the currently booming tablet market, but added that its processors will continue to target a wide variety of products and markets, such as smartphones and MIDs in addition to tablets. The company also expects that LTE 4G connectivity will become a major feature next year with the expansion of 4G services in the US and new 4G-capable products set to be unveiled at CES in January.

[ZDNet via Liliputing

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