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Review: OtterBox HTC EVO Impact Series Case

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Standing out in the crowd of nearly identical silicone cases for the HTC EVO is the OtterBox Impact Series Case ($19.95).

It's thicker and more protective than its peers, making it a compelling choice for anyone looking for a skin with a little originality, but it's not immune to a common issue that affects almost every silicone case out there. Find out what I mean in my full review of the Impact Series case below.

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The Impact Series Case for the HTC EVO 4G definitely makes an immediate impact (pardon the pun) on you when you hold it in your hands for the first time. Most silicone cases are thin and rather floppy, so OtterBox's extra thick silicone and inner coring make quite the statement. "You've never met a skin like me," it seems to say. And unless you've used an Impact Series Case on another gadget, then the confident case is right.

The inner coring is designed to "dissipate impact away from your phone," which means that it's more protective against bumps and drops than other silicone cases.

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And while most silicones are heralded for their silky smoothness, the Impact Series Cases opts for a textured back that's accented by a smooth strip near the top. The texture improves grip (smooth silicone cases tend to be quite slippery) but—and here's what I was alluding to earlier—it also makes it easy for lint, fibers, and whatever else is in your pocket or on your clothes get stuck between the crevices. Because of all the grooves, you can't just wipe it clean.

The smooth parts of the case collect lint that can't be brushed off very easily too, though, so don't blame the texture for a causing a problem that wouldn't be there otherwise. One thing the pattern does do, however, is make the encased phone more difficult to quickly slide out of your jeans pocket.

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If you don't keep the EVO in your pocket, though, then the lint and "pocket drag" thing could easily go unnoticed. And when you're not focusing on the negative thing, you can pay attention to the positive things.

The Impact Series Case has many characteristics worthy of praise. Aside from its protective nature and unique design, the silicone is thick enough to prevent every part of the phone from ever laying directly on a flat surface.

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It also has thick, raised coverings over the EVO's power and volume buttons, making them very easy to press. In fact, the silicone power button is easier to press than the real button!

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Oh, and of course there are cutouts for all the important parts of the phone like the cameras, the kickstand, and all the ports and sensors.

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It isn't meant for those with linty pockets, but the OtterBox Impact Series Case for the HTC EVO 4G is definitely a silicone case that's a cut above the rest. It's thoughtfully designed, offers more protection due to its inner coring, and is pretty stylish to boot.

The OtterBox Impact Series Case is available now for $19.95.

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