So who’s up for some Windows Phone 7 action today?

Wp7_htc After waiting for what seems like forever, today's the day that we here in the US can finally get our mitts on one of the new Windows Phone 7 handsets, with AT&T bringing a two-pack featuring the HTC Surround and Samsung Focus while T-Mobile sends the HTC HD7 down the catwalk. Specs-wise, there's nothing mindblowing compared to the current crop of Android smartphones, since the first wave of WP7 devices use the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor and feature capacitive screens.

With only minor differences between each handset, due to Microsoft's iron-fisted control over hardware specifications, it's the little things that will help sway buyers one way or another, such as the slide-out speaker bar on the Surround, the Super-AMOLED 4-inch screen of the Focus, or the ginormous 4.3-inch display on the HD7, the successor to the orphaned HTC HD2.

For me, the biggest determining factor will be the apps. Windows Phone 7 has a ton of ground to make up in the smartphone marketplace, and in the end it will be all about which platform has the apps, and iOS and Android clearly have the momentum. In fact, I'm not even sure there is room for another dominant platform, but time will tell.

So is anyone planning on making the jump to the WP7 platform, and if so, which phone are you choosing? I briefly played with the Surround and the Focus this morning, and the launch was about as low-key as could be. The Focus stood out as a more impressive piece of hardware, and the WP7 software has a buttery smoothness similar to iOS and unlike the bolted together feel of Android, but I wouldn't consider switching to WP7, at least not in this early incarnation. I'll be watching from the sidelines to see what happens, though.

[HTC Surround | Samsung Focus | HTC HD7]
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