Unofficial Froyo build updated to V1.2, includes Stage widgets

Djsteve-stage Thinking of ditching DJ_Steve's unofficial Froyo build when the official update for the Dell Streak is released because it's the only way you'll be able to check out those fancy new Stage widgets?

Think again!

Version 1.2 of DJ_Steve's amazing Froyo build has just been released and guess what. It's got Dell's Stage UI baked right in. In addition, the new build also has the kernel included in Dell's build.

But that's not all. With V1.2, you're also getting:

  • Native WiFi tethering
  • Updated WiFi driver (from Dell's new build)
  • Dell Sync
  • 720p video recording (MPEG4 only)
  • More performance tweaks
  • LauncherPro 8.1 free version (you can select which launcher you want to use—LauncherPro, ADW, or Dell—upon first boot)
  • LCD density automatically set to stock 160 setting (previous versions of Stephen's build lowered it to 140, hence the need for some people to change it back)

If you're not using a Rebel Sim (and most of you aren't), then you'll need to flash a new baseband to flash this new ROM. Instructions at the link below.

[MoDaCo] Thanks, gavelis!

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46 thoughts on “Unofficial Froyo build updated to V1.2, includes Stage widgets


  • I found it,I was so happy for this update I don’t even read carefully the MoDaCo guide,Sorry.

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    so at this point, whats missing from this build that may come with the official update?

  • So, does flashing the new baseband mean that everything I have on my Streak will be wiped? Those instructions are still unclear – is this as easy as the 1.0 to 1.1 update?

  • I am stock in the dell logo.
    I tried like 3 time already and let it like 20 min. and nothing.
    I don’t know what I did wrong.
    Any suggestion,please?????

  • Sorry to bother you,but how long did you wait for your streak to reboot in the new version?
    I tried 3 times and wait about 20 minutes and I still see the Dell logo.

  • OMAR…

    Did you FULLY read the instructions? There are threads in the forum that go into detail about this. Where did you start – 1.6 AT&T, 1.6 O2, etc.? I’m just looking to go from Steve’s Froyo 1.1.1 build to his new 1.2 build.

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    Never had any previous problem updating to steves froyo build but this one i’m stuck on the dell’s logo wtf.

  • Me too – hopefully this is “correct”, if not we may have to go back into Clockworkmod and erase some caches. Worked for me last time.

  • I was on Steve’s 2.2 v 1.1 running without any problem,so, what I did was download the new and put it on my sd card, I download the baseband upgrade and run the comand in my pc windows and it was done.
    After that I get into clockwork recovery install the new update, and then I did the wipe to factory, REBOOT MY STREAK AND IS STUCK ON DELL LOGO FOR EVER.
    I have been upgrading my streak from 1.6 to 2.2 v 1.1 without any problem until now.
    I am really sad because I think I bricked my beloved streak.
    Any help you can give here will be greatly appreciate.

  • How we can do that?????
    Anything to make my baby back to life……..

  • So far I haven’t found anything that helps. I messed around with Clockworkmod before to format the data, system, and cache and mounted/unmounted my SD card. If I figure something out I’ll post – right now the steps I just went through didn’t work and no one at MoDaCo has posted a VALID fix. We haven’t bricked the Streaks – the fact that they’re cycling the logo attests to that. Again I blame poor documentation at the MoDaCo site.

  • DJ Steve!! Can he possibly be any cooler?!! He’s like the streak santa all year round!
    Thanks a ton for your amazing work! You know we all really appreciate it!

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    Guys, there is info on the MoDaCo thread regarding how to deal with this situation….I know as it happened to me, I posted on that thread, and ol’ DJSteve himself, gave clear advice as to what steps to take to rectify….was not a big deal all in all, but did require that I use some of the format options in ClockworkMod first, then flash…which basically means wiping device and then flashing with new ROM…once I did that all was good…..

    Remember, Google (or thread search…) is your friend!


  • Tried everything as well and still got stuck in a boot loop. Went back to 1.1.1….

  • ArchiMark…

    Could you do us a small favor and either:

    Post the steps
    Post a link

    Just coming in and saying it’s clear how to fix this is apparently of no help since some of us are stuck. There are no instructions in any of the original steps that point out the extra steps you have take in Clockworkmod to make this work. The entire set of instructions needs to be re-written by someone who can convey this type of information step-by-step in a clear and concise way. I am not knocking Steve or anyone at MoDaCo.

    BTW, I went back into Clockwork mod, cleared the data, cache, and system folders, did a reset, then a reboot. Now my Streak is no longer cycling but may be trying to initialize. I hope.

  • I have been reading in the MoDaCo forum about some commands in the adb shell to fix this problem
    The thing is I don’t even know what that adb shell thing is or how to get into it.
    any ideas??????

  • Did going back work? Did you just flash the for 1.1.1? I may do that at this point and rebuild – this is ridiculous.

  • Can you PLEASE let us know a little bit more specific step by step how to fix our streaks with your method, PLEASE????

  • I had to go to O2 2.1 first because the baseband change caused my cell connection to disappear. Ended up flashing the stock recovery, updating to 2.1, then flashing the clockwork recovery and updating back to 1.1.1. Works perfectly again.

  • FYI from a user at MoDaCo (in brackets)…

    [busybox is a command on the Streak which you use from a Windows command prompt:

    So the procedure to resolve the stuck on Dell logo is.

    1) With the Dell logo on the Streak wait for 10 plus minutes to see if it progresses
    2) Still with the Dell logo on the Streak plug in the USB cable and wait a minute for Windows to sort itself out
    3) Open a command prompt in windows and change to the directory you have ADB.exe installed (on my setup it’s cdandroidsdktools)
    4) type adb shell and press Return
    5) you should now see a # prompt in the windows command prompt where you enter commands that run on the Streak
    6) type cd /data and press Return
    7) type busybox_1P8P1 rm -rf * and press Return
    8) at this point you may receive a message stating directory not empty if you do follow step 8a, otherwise skip to step 9
    8a) type rm -r [directory name from error message in step 8]
    9) type exit and press Return, this should return you to the standard windows command prompt
    10) type adb reboot and press Return

    Hopefully within the next 5 – 10 minutes your Streak should have booted up properly

    If you have problems installing applications from the Market (or other places then try the following)

    1) Open a command prompt in windows and change to the directory you have ADB.exe installed (on my setup it’s cdandroidsdktools)
    2) type adb shell and press Return
    3) type chmod 777 /data/* and press Return
    4) (not sure if this is required) type chmod 777 /data and Press Return

    These were the steps I followed to get a fully working 1.2.0 build.]

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    where did he get the stage widgets? was the dell rom leaked to him? can i has it? :D

  • IT WORKS! I now have the new build running on my Streak! Going to bed now – good night!

  • I applied this build and got the same problems. Rockymtnbri, I followed your instructions to the letter but no luck here. I was able to get one or two apps to install after many attempts each but they all FC immediately. I’m giving up and going back to 1.1 until someone can get this ironed out.
    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the devs efforts but I can’t afford to lose any more beauty rest trying to get this thing working tonight. I’m too ugly as it is.

  • So much for downgrading, evidently the new baseband won’t work with 1.1 so I have no phone service.

  • Avatar of JACKASS

    I got it to work and was impressed with stage ui but the market will not allow me to download apps like flash. Some apps will install but will error as soon as you run it. The screen orientation is very buggy so i will just revert back to 2.1 and just wait for the official rom. IT’S NOT WORTHIT!

  • Same here Chris – I got the build to work but no app loading whatsoever. This will be the last time I apply an unofficial build, and I am VERY frustrated with the “documentation” at MoDaCo. It seems as though many of us don’t have the correct version of Clockworkmod since I saw a statement there saying that ADB is built into the version they (and probably Steve) have. I hope there’s a fix for the Market issue (maybe a Davlik wipe), but if not I will downgrade and wait for the official Dell build.

  • here’s one LAST thing I’m going to try when I get home (again from MoDaCo in brackets):
    [Guys, I think I found the cause of the data partition not getting wiped with factory reset. Some of us have the old clockwork mod for 1.6 still installed (symptoms are constantly flashing lights and no adb shell in recovery). what you need to do is install the koush’s 2.1 clockwork repack found in this thread:…rboot-recovery/

    Here’s how I got it to work.
    1. Flash that recovery in fastboot
    2. Reboot into recovery and select second option for clockwork and select partitions menu
    3. select format and confirm it for boot, system, data, cache, and sd-ext.
    4. go back into main menu and select install zip from sd and install the 1.2.0 release
    5. just to be safe, return to main menu and wipe data/factory reset and reboot
    6. then boot into recovery one more time, this time no clockwork. select 1 factory reset.
    7. after that’s said and done, it should take no more than 2-3 mins for boot into home.]

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    Sure, glad to help….

    Look at Post # 1711 on page 86 of that thread….it lists all the steps needed…as recommended by DJSteve….

    Here you go:

    ok for those of you stuck at dell logo do the following – IT WILL wipe all data;

    go into clockworkmod
    select partitions menu
    format /system
    format /data
    format /cache
    go back to main menu
    choose select zip from sd
    select the update zip from sdcard and flash it,
    select to reboot now from clockwork menu and then HOLD both volume keys down immediately after choosing reboot option, keep held until you return to the 4 option recovery menu,
    choose factory reset

    wait patiently for a bit


  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    Yep, please see my post above…. ;)

  • Already done that, thanks. Now I’m having the Market issue – looks like other folks are as well.

  • I follow your step and now my streak is alive again.
    I deal later with the app issue……
    Thanks a lot man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A user posted a fix on MoDaCo that actually worked! Here it is (in brackets):

    [I finally made 1.2.0 to work!

    1. downgrade the baseband and flash 1.1.1
    2. after 1.1.1 is fully loaded and working go back to fastboot and flash the new baseband
    3. immediately after reboot go to CWR and flash .1.2.0
    4. DO NOT wipe or clear anything!!! The Rom will boot after a minute or three

    I did it that way and it works normally now! All the lockups and slowness was related to the /DATA partition not used!
    BTW this build gives lower scores in quadrant!]

  • Avatar of dumien

    Rockymtnbri, can you tell how to downgrade the baseband and flash 1.1.1? thanks

  • Avatar of Chris

    I had just finished this and came here to tell you about it. A word of warning to anyone that uses Titanium Backup, if you use the batch process to restore all apps and SYSTEM DATA after upgrading to 1.2.0 you will be right back where you started from. Your apps will all FC and you won’t be able to install anything else.
    Restoring the apps works fine but the system data will screw you. This may be painfully obvious but I learned the hard way and thought posting this might save some of you from the aggravation of doing this whole thing over again.

  • BTW, new thread at MoDaCo –

    Dumien, what you have to do is follow the instructions at the site link I just provided. You have to grab the OS 2.1 baseband file, use Fastboot to restore your Streak to that version, flash the 1.1.1 Steve file, reboot, then Fastboot the new baseband, then flash the 1.2 Steve file. It works, but make sure you do every step in order, and take your time. Sorry I don’t have the detailed steps but I had to cobble this from memory and from the messages at the site. Search on OrionBG’s name and look for page 132 and on.

  • Thanks to you I was able to pull my streak back from the brink of brickdom. You are the stuff and thanks to you I could actually put the update to work and it rocks!! I can’t thank you enough:-)

  • Avatar of crankydrew

    Michael dell just tweeted “dell streak in japan gets android 2.2”

  • You folks are quite welcome! Seems that Steve finally went in and crafted a better guide with a new thread as well. He should have done that for each iteration of his build – version control. Next time, though, I’ll wait a day or two until the bugs get worked out!

  • Avatar of dumien

    I have decided to go back to 1.1.1. In my opinion, the biggest differences are Dell Stage UI and wifi tethering. Since I don’t need tethering and Dell Stage is crap, 1.1.1 is much more stable for me. Good experience though :)

  • Avatar of Profclean2000

    Ok, so I have tried everything I could find between 3 different sites and I can not get past the Dell logo. I am very appreciative of the fact that others have spent and invested time, skill and knowledge into making this possible. My only complaint is why, why, why spend all that effort only to give the absolute worst directions ever? I am on o2 build 8105 on AT&T, I did the baseband change actually I did everything everyone said to try. I can get any other build I try to work except for this. I tried all of the instructions here and what I found on xda, no luck. What I am getting at is if you can wit for the official 2.2 do it, this is not worth the hassle… Back to 2.1 I go.


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