Video of the long lost ITG xpPhone surfaces now running Windows 7


Remember the ITG xpPhone? We have been closely following the intriguing device throughout its very long development, ITG's teasing news releasesits string of video appearances earlier this year, and its appearances at various trade shows. But after the device received certification in April in anticipation of what seemed like an imminent release, all fell quiet as the xpPhone vanished off the radar.

Just as we were starting to wonder whether we would ever see the device again, the long lost UMPC/phone hybrid has resurfaced in a new video, and it's now running Windows 7 instead of earlier units shown running WinXP and Windows Embedded Standard. ITG has previously stated that the xpPhone would be available with Windows 7, but I believe this is the first time an example has been caught in action on camera.

In the current climate of Android-dominated tablet MIDs, even with all the delays and uncertainty the xpPhone still has an aura of fascination for me and it's good to see it in action. Hopefully the appearance of this video is a good omen for the long-awaited device to finally hit the market sooner rather than later. Are you still interested in the xpPhone? Or has its time passed? Check out the video after the jump.

[Engadget China]
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15 thoughts on “Video of the long lost ITG xpPhone surfaces now running Windows 7

  • If I could import either this, or the Eking M5–my life would be complete. But unfortunately I can’t find either anywhere, except through…which would require a third party to get the goods over here.

    blahhhh, umpc depressssion

  • Avatar of zviera

    AMD GEODE 498 MHz, 512MB RAM. Welcome Raon Digital Everun in 2011.

  • Avatar of yamete888

    When I emailed ITG like 2 months ago, inquiring for a higher internal memory model, I was told that the 1gb ram model is coming…but as usual, no ETA, and/or any info…I was also told that if I needed the phone/umpc functionality to go ahead and get the 512mb model (yeah, right!)…but definitely I look forward to the higher spec models…(if they ever come out, that is…)…

  • The longer they take to get this out the more outdated that AMD Geode will be. Right now, I’d take the Atom Z520 over the Geode. Especially for the GMA 500’s H.264 hardware acceleration.

  • according to engadget its onsale now…for a low cost of $666…

    I might have to early adopt this lil’ guy…ughhhh decisions decisions…

  • Avatar of Richie

    I’ve been researching this thingy since its conception, from what I can gather from forums–I believe the SSD might be a 1.8”, meaning you could possibly replace it yourself with a 1.8” SSD or an even faster or larger SSD…dunno though

    Swear I’ve seen a teardown somewhere on the net in Chinese…I’ll look for it later.

  • Intel Oak Trail will be the savior.

    Bye Bye WP7, Bye Bye Android!

  • Avatar of Phen0m

    Jenn getting a review unit?

  • Avatar of Richie

    Dunno if anyone cares, but this review is basically some great XpPhone Nerd Porn….awesome pictures of this nifty little device…

    (in chinese, view with chrome to translate)

    Also out of curiousity…anyone remember the ocosmos ocs-1 from last month? You think that thing is just vaporware? Cuz it’d be amazing if that ever came out.

  • Thanks for your reply Richie.

    8G or 16G SSD is simply not enough.

    At this point what looks more interesting to me is the upcoming Nokia N9. 64G storage and micro SD slot. This can bring this thing to a near 100G. Plus having the usb-on-the-go, reading any drive you may want to connect to it. It is awesome if you enjoy having your music in a quality format such as Flac rather than crappy MP3. Just have to make sure you have a player app that will support Flac on it, and I think this would be the most well-rounded device around…

  • This is the video I had in mind instead of the second I mistakenly posted…

  • Yea the N9 running meego will be a celebration indeed.

    I actually plan on ditching my iPhone 4 for a Nokia E7 as soon as its released just for the keyboard. But the fact that the N9 has 64GB SSD (and meego instead of symbian) means I’ll be replacing my future E7 for it…

    Blahhhh. The crux of the gadget life.

  • Tempting, but How about The Battery ????

  • “Adopting ultra-low power consumption technology, xpPhone can maintain long battery life, which lasts for 7 hours with standard battery and 12 hours for large-capacity battery. Meanwhile, its continuous talk time is up to 5 hours even with a standard battery, and its standby time reaches up to 5 days.”


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