Video of the long lost ITG xpPhone surfaces now running Windows 7


Remember the ITG xpPhone? We have been closely following the intriguing device throughout its very long development, ITG's teasing news releasesits string of video appearances earlier this year, and its appearances at various trade shows. But after the device received certification in April in anticipation of what seemed like an imminent release, all fell quiet as the xpPhone vanished off the radar.

Just as we were starting to wonder whether we would ever see the device again, the long lost UMPC/phone hybrid has resurfaced in a new video, and it's now running Windows 7 instead of earlier units shown running WinXP and Windows Embedded Standard. ITG has previously stated that the xpPhone would be available with Windows 7, but I believe this is the first time an example has been caught in action on camera.

In the current climate of Android-dominated tablet MIDs, even with all the delays and uncertainty the xpPhone still has an aura of fascination for me and it's good to see it in action. Hopefully the appearance of this video is a good omen for the long-awaited device to finally hit the market sooner rather than later. Are you still interested in the xpPhone? Or has its time passed? Check out the video after the jump.

[Engadget China]
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