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DanceDroid returns as live wallpaper for your HTC EVO

Dancedroid-lwp It been nearly four months since you last saw him, but I know you didn't forget about DanceDroid.

We met him back in August as an incomplete boot animation and while it was always possible to turn him into a live wallpaper on your own using all the PNGs in the original .zip, it's much more convenient to install the .apk put together by xda's habitual_line_stepper. The DanceFever live wallpaper, as it's called, was created shortly after the work-in-progress boot animation surfaced, so this has actually been around for a while.

What's old to some is brand new to others, though, so I think it's worth revisiting. I also can't help but smile when I watch that cute little robot in action, so I'll make up any excuse to write about him again.

The animation is still in its original form, which means you may want to move some widgets and icons around to incorporate the wallpaper's wide black bars on the top and bottom into your home screen's design.

Evo-dancefever-settings (1)

Evo-dancefeverThe DanceFever live wallpaper includes a settings menu (with a Nexus One heading) with options to change the framerate and select the size of the animation.

The default framerate is set to 20fps, which I find to be too slow (35fps is good for me), and the largest size is what you see above and to the left. There's no way to expand the white background, so you can either ignore the black bars or pretend they're intentional and arrange your home screen items accordingly.

Your battery will obviously take a bigger hit from a live wallpaper than a static one, but I haven't found DanceFever to be particularly hard on it. No more so than most other live wallpapers, anyway. I've had 3D Andy happily and tirelessly dancing non-stop on my EVO for the past few days and haven't noticed any unusual battery drain. If you want him on your EVO, you can find the .apk at the xda-developers link below.

I emailed the file to myself and installed it from Gmail, but feel free to move it to your SD card and use a file manager for the installation. You'll find the little guy waiting for you in Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpapers when you're done.

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