Dell M02M receives WiFi certification, Streak 2 release imminent?


Whether it's the next-gen Dell Streak reportedly known as the Opus One, the 7" Streak that Vaja seems to know something about, or a completely different device altogether, something Streak-y is definitely going on.

A gadget belonging to Dell and described as both a mobile internet device and a smartphone that supports 802.11n WiFi has just been certified by the WiFi Alliance. Its model number is M02M, which may seem insignificant until you recall that our current Streak is also known as the M01M. Check the label under your battery if you don't believe it.

The certification doesn't reveal anything juicier than 802.11n (it's the WiFi Alliance, after all) and the model number, but we've speculated about crazier things with less info than that before.

Dell will be showing some new products at CES 2011 both publicly and privately, so we should find out more very soon. I'll be at the company's press conference on the 6th with my fingers crossed that the M02M is formally announced and not cloaked beneath an NDA and only shown behind closed doors.

[WiFi Alliance via pocketnow]
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4 thoughts on “Dell M02M receives WiFi certification, Streak 2 release imminent?

  • Avatar of Atlas

    How come i haven’t heard of the Opus One yet? O.o
    And why would they do THAT AND the Dell Streak 7/Looking Glass?
    If they are too similar, they would be fighting about customers between themselves, which is something that usually should not happen.
    Maybe one will be for customers who want a potent multi media device and the other for customers who want a pocket sized working device?
    i hope they keep the PDMI-Connector, but an USB-Adaptor would be nice too . .

  • with most customers still on 1.6 – with 2.3 at the door and 3.0 in the near future – can you really call Streak fans early adopters?
    I think that Dell killed their own innovation and that is based on time now and hardly a release hate note.
    Acer is probably going to pick it up where Dell never held it to drop it.
    Jenn … how about a shift to Acer’s 4.8″?

  • Now that the FCC documentation is out, it can be seen that the M02M’s market name is “Looking Glass”, which is known to be the 7 incher. Sadness.

  • The 9:21 aspect ratio of the Acer means that it has significantly less area than the Streak. The Acer screen has about the same width an iPhone and about 50% more length.

    In fact, at that aspect ratio and with the diagonal measurements, the Acer’s screen about 1/8″ longer than a Streak’s, but the Streak’s screen is about 0.7″ wider.

    The 4.8″ Acer IS a good looking phone but if you’re looking at a *better-supported* big phone you’re probably better off looking at a Droid X. We have no reason to believe the Acer will be better supported than the Streak (but I would hope ALL phones are better supported than the Streak) :).


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