Dell Streak 7 could be headed straight to T-Mobile


Photoshop makes it incredibly easy to add some well-placed carrier branding to the upcoming Dell Streak 7, but when you consider that 1) there's a string of evidence that a T-Mobile version of the existing Streak will eventually be released, 2) Dell's relationship with AT&T has always seemed very strained, and 3) the currently available Dell Venue Pro is locked to T-Mobile, then it's highly plausible that the Streak 7 will launch on the magenta-friendly AWS spectrum as these new images suggest.

None of the photos so far give any indication that the Streak 7 will have phone functions; if it doesn't, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab's days of being T-Mobile's 7" Android tablet darling are numbered.

I'm really hoping that Dell will officially unveil the Streak 7 with complete specs and details at CES 2011 so we won't have to follow a trail of crumbs to get to the full feast for much longer.

[Cell Phone Signal via Tablets Planet] Thanks, vijay!

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13 thoughts on “Dell Streak 7 could be headed straight to T-Mobile

  • Avatar of leo d.

    do you know where and when the dell big production reveal will be?

    planning to be there on jan 6 early, so if they are making a big show, i would like to attend…

  • The press conference is on the 6th but you need to be invited to attend. Not sure if they are letting people register on site.

  • I am excited to see how this device is received by the public. Phone function would give it a nice edge over competitors.


    Dell; ditch the Stage UI! If a customer gets their hand on a device when shopping, Stage won’t help close the deal.

  • I disagree about the stage UI. For the customers that are not tech geeks who want a large screen device with phone capabilities and have no clue on other UI or fudging with custom roms etc those are the people who are going to leave it be and use the Stage UI and be non the wiser about changing.
    Stage UI is going to be better than a plan vanilla UI.

    Even though I use ADW Launcher since I could not stand the random or disappearing icons the stage UI is not that bad as far as looks go.

  • Avatar of Leo d.

    So how does one get an invite?

    Run a streak blog??? ;)

  • Ha ha! I have no idea. I have attended CES with a press badge before but this is the first year that I was contacted by Dell.

  • Avatar of leo d.

    so do you need an assistant on jan 6?

    will schlep for entry…


  • Well I prefer the Dell streak 7 on t-mobile anywho but it would be good to see it on all carriers, but I’m going to keep researching on it as well as using this site as a info source.

  • Sam, I think you missed CGIs point: no one is going to buy the Dell Streak 7 *just because* it has Stage UI, and stage UI may make some people not like the Streak 7, hence having Stage UI pre-installed is pointless.

  • Avatar of leo d.


    on a serious note, mind telling me where this event will take place? i know it’s an invite only, but maybe flashing my streak might just get me in…

    is it at the hilton or the at the central hall?

    thanks much.

  • It is at the Palms. I believe you need to be a registered member of the press to get in.

  • Avatar of TJ6772

    Well, i’ve squirrelled away 450GB£ towards the ‘7’
    My current Streak is great for my Phone req’s but a ‘7’ for surfing would be a great addition to my stable of tech devices.
    I bought a Tab but hated it so soon got shot of it, same with the iPad (really hated that thing, especially it’s stupid curved back)
    If Dell’s 7 is based upon what i have now, i’m really going to enjoy it.
    But…….I wouldn’t touch T-Mobile with a shitty stick, crap network with an even worse customer service, so i’m hoping that here in the UK they (Dell) avoid a tie-in with T-mob & allow O2 or ‘3’ to carry it.


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