How to get thin case with kickstand from official Dell Streak leather wallet

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One of the accessories I ordered along with my AT&T Dell Streak was the official leather wallet case. The built-in stand was particularly appealing since I had been looking for ways to keep the device standing up months before it was finally released in the US.

When the case arrived and I had my new Streak in it, I knew right away that I wouldn't be using it. Though it looked like a nice thing to have while traveling, the leather wallet was just too cumbersome for daily use. So I put it in my gadget graveyard/storage closet and even forgot I had it until I came across cowballz's "ultimate thin case with pop out stand" mod last week.

It's a simple mod that anyone with the leather wallet case can do in a matter of minutes.

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The first thing you do is bid a fond farewell to the pristine condition of your leather wallet case. It will never look like this again, so be sincere in your goodbye.

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Then use a razor or a pair of scissors to cut the fabric holding the hard plastic case to the leather wallet's interior. You'll get a nicer, more precise cut with a razor or an X-ACTO knife.

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It won't be a pretty sight if you use a pair of scissors. If necessary, cut the bottom edge again, this time as close to the case as possible to give it a finished look. You won't be peeling off the existing material like you'll do on the back, so try to make the bottom look as nice as possible.

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I suppose you could leave the back fabric on if the bottom edge is presentable, but I peeled it off. Beneath it is some industrial-strength double-sided tape (or something similar to it). Mine didn't come off cleanly so I had to use some Goo Gone to remove the remnants.

Streak-wallet-mod (7)

I didn't do a very good job with the Goo Gone (I was rushing), but you should be able to remove the adhesive completely if you take your time.

And that's it. Now you have a simple hard plastic shell case with a built-in kickstand.

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The case obviously doesn't offer a whole lot of protection, as the top edge and corners are completely exposed and there's nothing protecting the front, so don't give up your OtterBox Defender for this or anything.

The built-in stand is the main selling point of doing this to the leather wallet case.

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Great idea, cowballz!

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