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How to remap buttons on your rooted HTC EVO 4G

Evo-button-remapper If you've ever wanted to change the functions of your HTC EVO's hardware and capacitive touch buttons to better suit your preferences, then you'll be happy to know that it's possible with an app called ButtonRemapper created by appelflap.

Provided that you have full root access, which you have if you used unrevoked 3.21 to root your EVO, then you can remap the buttons with ease. A hot reboot option in the settings will let the app automatically reboot the device to apply all the changes you made (busybox required), so all you have to do is choose which function you want to assign to which button. Note that not all functions will work for all buttons; for example, the Search button can't be used as the power button.

There's a busybox-dependent option to restore all the default values after another reboot too, so you don't have to be shy about trying out different combinations. Do a Nandroid (tutorial here) just in case, though, as you never know when things could go wrong

Here's how to remap the buttons on your HTC EVO:

1. Download ButtonRemapper from xda-developers and install it on your fully rooted HTC EVO.


2. The mappable keys will auto-generate upon first launch. Tap the button you want to change.

3. Select an option from the drop-down menu that appears.

Evo-buttonremapper (2)

Action options include: Power, Home, Menu, Back, Search, Volume up, Volume Down, Camera, Focus, Endcall, Call, Media Play/Pause, Media Stop, Media Next, Media Previous, Media Rewind, Dpad center, Dpad up, Dpad down, Dpad left, and Dpad right.

As stated previously, some actions will not work on some buttons.

State options include:

  • NONE – key won't wake the EVO
  • WAKE – key will wake the EVO, key event gets sent to app
  • WAKE_DROPPED – key will wake the EVO, key event doesn't get sent to app

4. Press "OK" to close the menu and repeat the previous step as desired. Tap "Apply" to apply all the changes. Depending on your settings, the EVO will hot reboot (busybox required) immediately following a tap of the "Apply" button.

Evo-buttonremapper (1)

5. If you want to restore the original button functions, open ButtonMapper and tap Menu -> Restore -> OK. You can also tap the ongoing notification option that will appear after the initial "apply changes" reboot.


On my rooted EVO (SteelROM RevH1 based on software 3.30.651.3), I've successfully remapped the volume down button to the power function and have used the search button (long press required) to launch the camera just to see if it worked. Your mileage may vary.

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8 thoughts on “How to remap buttons on your rooted HTC EVO 4G

  • Off topic… Hey Jenn, LOVE the site! I check in once or twice a day to stay a step ahead of other, less informed Evo minions out there… Thanks for your time and efforts!!!

    My question is Android related… On your site today there are ads in the sidebar advertising Android tablets that I have never heard of… upon further investigation, there appears to be a whole other world of “Android tablets” out there that aren’t ending up in the local Best Buy…??? Is there any credibility here?

    My spidey senses tell me to make like Shrek and stay far, far away… do you have an opinion on these “devices”?


    Mr. impatiently awaiting a 9″-10″ gingerbread tablet for like $350 :)

  • Can this app leave the volume rocker the same, except when in camera mode, and then make it control the shutter?

    Turning the volume rocker into a shutter button just for the camera is a mini quest of mine…

  • Yes, there are oodles of Android tablets out there. One of my writers on covers many of them there (7 screen or smaller). Most run Eclair or Froyo. Google has stated that neither version is optimized for tablets (Gingerbread isnt either) but that does not stop the manufacturers. The main thing to watch for with these devices (aside from CPU, screen type, etc) is whether they have access to any of the Google goodies; most non-phone tablets do not have the Market, Maps, etc, though that can often be added with hacks. Check out for more info on Android tablets, as GE is obviously not the place to find them.

  • I’m curious about being able to map a physical button to take photos. Will Camera ZOOOM FX do that? Any other methods?

  • Neat, thanks Jenn!

    I think I’m still looking for an option that doesn’t cost money ($4.50 to remap a button is feasible, but a little expensive) and works with the default camera app. But good to know I have something out there if I am ready to compromise.


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