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HTC EVO 4G battery cover gets covered in Lego

Evo-lego-cover (1)

Yes, what you're looking at is exactly what you think it is: an HTC EVO battery door/cover made of Lego. Well, actually it's an original OEM battery door with Lego bonded to it with plastic cement, but it's just as awesome.

G&E reader Mike wrote in to tell me that while looking for a cool case for his EVO, he realized that he wanted something Lego-related. Since there was obviously nothing like that already on the market to choose from, he went ahead and made it himself.

After some research, Mike determined that plastic cement would work better than super glue or any other adhesive because it "essentially 'melts' the plastic together and bonds the pieces by 'melting' the two outer most layers of plastic and fusing them."

He sanded off the smooth rubber coating on the EVO's original battery door, cleaned it with some alcohol, used a set of calipers to make sure that the design he came up with would fit perfectly, and went to work.

Evo-lego-cover (2)

He used specialty grill pieces of Lego to cover the speaker and LED flash, and then removed a circular spinning section that was in a square piece to use for the camera. Smaller squares and rectangles on the outer edges made the cover's curves easy to tackle, while round pieces made quick work of the corners.

Evo-lego-cover (3)

Evo-lego-cover (4)

Talk about total geekdom!

Thanks, Mike!

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18 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G battery cover gets covered in Lego

  • Avatar of Craig T. Johnson

    This is a prime example of why kids shouldn’t have nice things.

  • Somebody slap Mike and throw him in a padded room. Ugh.

    Really Mike? Ok – this is the equivalent of putting curb feelers, spinners, and air vents on a Ford Focus. You beat this thing with the ugly stick. I wouldn’t blame your phone if it dropped calls on you in spite.

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    What’s wrong with you guys!? That’s frickin’ awesome! Good job Mike! Too many haters in this world, way too many.

    Two things I would have done differently. One, buy a replacement battery cover instead of using the original OEM battery door that way I can go back to it after my co-workers beat me up to avoid future beatings and two, cut out the three center grill pieces over the flash or maybe just the two on both sides of the middle grill piece to let more light out when using the flash. Better yet, if you cold make it hinge open when you want to use the flash, that would be golden.

    I really like Mikes blog too. The Death Star in pumpkin form, bravo sir, bravo.

  • My wife already tried the padded room. Didn’t work. lol

    I did have some initial concern about “gluing” Legos to anything just because as a longtime Lego builder it’s kind of an unwritten rule never to glue Legos together.

    This first one was more a prototype, I was not really sure how it would turn out. I’m on the fence somewhat about it still. I’m thinking possibly that the smooth flat-plate Legos would serve me better at the edges since they are thinner. But I had the extra battery door laying around and I’ve got a billion extra Legos.

    I knew when I did it some would be repulsed and some would like it. So far it’s been mixed. Most people told me they thought it was really cool, but that I was a pretty big geek for being seen with it like that. I’m okay with that though. :)

  • Thanks! benodiktine

    Good ideas! Not sure how to implement the hinge right off hand but it seems like something worth tinkering with. My first concern was the camera would be too recessed and I would catch the edge of the Lego piece in all the pictures. Luckily that was not the case.

    Thanks for the blog kudos! The Death Star pumpkin was for a Halloween party we had. It got rave reviews, of course all of my friends are geeks too and like Star Wars so it was a pretty favorable crowd. I had planned on blowing it up after the party but my fireworks/explosives did not get the job done. Next year the plan is for an even bigger Death Star and the use of better explosives. :)

  • Avatar of Mykal

    I gotta say, that is pretty cool. kudos to you for originality. If I had a spare back cover I would certainly give this a try. Great job.

  • Hey Mike –

    Just saw your site at and love it. Have now followed you on twitter in accordance with all geek bylaws. Having said that, I’m assuming legos on gadgets are an ‘acquired’ taste? Like hot-gluing hexbugs to your flatscreen exterior? I just couldn’t find myself doing it.

    You obviously know what you’re doing in the projects that you have on your site so I look forward to future updates.

    All the best bud, and happy new year –

  • Avatar of jason

    i really like this!!! and my dog poops on all the haterz!!!!!!!

    fyi you can buy oem batt doors for like $9 on the interwebz!

    gotta love the z

  • Avatar of ReverEND

    First off, gotta say, personally, looks terribly uncomfortable and too colorful. the colorful thing is just personal preference. but it does look uncomfortable to handle after a while. is that the case?

    aside from that, kudos to you for having the balls to jump right in and do something so crazy!. I totally commend you on the forward thinking, man!. hopefully it stands up to daily use and you don’t start leaving a trail of legos where you walk, lol

  • Yeah the color is one of those personal preference things, I’ve had some that liked the color while others liked the black/white Evo one.

    At first I thought it was going to feel kind of weird, I only had the factory HTC battery door for a little while and then I switched to one of the awesome clear doors from IcyCell after that. I got used to the smooth feeling of the clear cover but after a couple of days of using the Lego cover I’m really liking the feel of it, the little Lego bumps offer some traction and grip for my hand.

    Thanks! So far so good on it holding up. The plastic cement is cool stuff. It was pretty nifty seeing the bottom of the Lego pieces kind of “melt” into the plastic of the battery door. I tried to pull the pieces off after a couple of hours later and I couldn’t so I figure they are kind of stuck there.

  • Avatar of Kommodore Heinz

    Dude, this is totally amazing idea. I have 3 extra backs lying around, maybe its time to start tinkering. I’m thinking of trying to incorporate a steelers logo/colors in legos on the back.

    Next step should be a way of making a hinge for the kickstand

  • um… I love Legos, always have. I like the idea but I’m not sure how I would implement it, not like this but it’s Mike’s phone. I don’t think some of the posters that dislike this design are “haters” (I wonder how this “hater” word/slang started) they simply wouldn’t want ill shaped Legos glued to a battery cover with a nice factory finish. It would be really cool if if had some sort of application like if it attached to something or… I don’t know–different. You go Mike. (putting my phone away).

  • Avatar of Kommodore Heinz

    Like making a dock for it to click into or a stand. hmmmm…..

  • Avatar of Persnlmgr

    So, about a month ago my 8 y/o son found my extra battery cover lying around and asked if he could have it. Of course, loving him as I do, I said yes.

    Yesterday was my birthday. I got a great home-made card from him on a beautifully wrapped box. I ripped the box open with anticipation and glee!!

    And there inside was an arts-and-crafts-class macaroni-covered door for my EVO!!

    I’d post pics, but my camera refused to take them…which pisses me off as I wanted to put them in the macaroni covered frame he made me last year…


    (And, of course, I’m j/k! I actually think the Lego door is pretty cool)

  • Avatar of Drew

    Congrats on a fun design, Mike. It seems to me that the lego back would also be great at my desk, if I were to create a lego wall on my cubicle. I could push the back into the lego wall at eye level, then video chat, watch videos, or just have some fun with the front facing camera. As well, I could make little lego scenes with lego figures on the back of my phone, a new one each day. Kinda like how some people have those funny office calendars, or nick-nacks that personalize there office space. It makes your work more enjoyable.

  • i know everyone’s so mean about it. i think its awesome!! I keep trying to find cool cases for my droid. The iphone has a case that looks like the original gameboy. Hoping i can find something nerdy i grew up loving


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