Huawei S7 tablet upgraded with capacitive touch screen spotted in the wild


The Huawei S7 Android tablet initially caught our eye when it made its debut at the Mobile World Congress in February and stepped further into the limelight at Computex in June when the full specifications were revealed. These included a Snapdragon processor underclocked to 768MHz, 3G, b/g/n WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, full phone functionality, Android 2.1, and access to Android Market. The device remains as a fairly competitive member of the 7-inch tablet category, being available for $299 from Best Buy (WiFi only version) or $359 from Expansys US (3G version).

One blemish on the spec list for many potential buyers is the S7's 7-inch resistive touch screen, which hampers the Android experience on the tablet at times. Back when the device was making the trade show rounds, Huawei had mentioned that a capacitive touch screen may be an option at a later date but there haven't been any further details, until now.

Members of the Android Tablets Forum have discovered two videos of an upgraded Huawei S7 with a capacitive touch screen supporting multi-touch gestures.

The fact that one of the videos appears to be an official Huawei promotional video (above) indicates the company may be planning to release the new model in the near future. The second video from Russia (below) is a brief hands-on demonstration of the capacitive S7, although the multi-touch performance looks a bit rough currently, something which will hopefully be ironed out prior to the launch.

No word on a release date or pricing of the upgraded S7, and also no information on whether Huawei took the opportunity to upgrade anything else in the device, but the touch screen upgrade is definitely a welcome addition to what is already a decent value-orientated Android tablet.

In other positive news for existing S7 owners is a rumor that an update for Android 2.2 should be released early next year.

[Android Tablet Forum via Liliputing]
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8 thoughts on “Huawei S7 tablet upgraded with capacitive touch screen spotted in the wild

  • Avatar of Teeter

    It’s possible that you forgot what upgrade means while writing this article, but it seems as if you don’t know. Unless there’s a personal technological preference at stake, the choice between “a cpacitive” digitizer and “a resistive” digitizer doesn’t constitute an upgrade one way or the other. Clearly, there are specific digitizer pairs in which one is fundamentally better and therefore an upgrade. There are resistive digitizers which are fundamentally better than other capacitive digitizers. There are capacitive digitizers which are fundamentally better than other resistive digitizers. There are resistive digitizers better than other resistive digitizers, and there are capacitive digitizers that are better than other capacitive digitizers. Genereally speaking, a capacitive digitizer tends to be more expensive, and so the increase in price is more likely an indication of increased cost rather than improvement. Moreover, a common-tier capacitive and resistive digitizer are exactly that, on a common-tier. Neither one is better or worse, they’re just different. Clearly, Android, being a poorly thought our operating system, functions more predictably with a capcitive digitizer (which tends to be quite needy for applications which require your fingers to stay in between you eyes and the screen for long periods of time, perhaps even requiring additional swiping or movement as to dirty and oclude the screen itself). Of course, this is all lost on a site that uses “tablet” as well as it uses “upgrade”.

  • Avatar of Holidaze

    You seem a little out of touch with tech sites. Everyone is referring to slates and slabs as tablets, regardless of OS. The days of Windows XP Tablet Edition are long gone and the iPad has made everyone tablet/pad/slate/slab crazy.

    And in the world of Android and tech sites, capactive > resistive. So yeah, it’s an upgrade.


  • Just called Expansys. The specs on the website are wrong. It’s not a 3G US version. The UMTS is actually 900, 2100. From what I’ve seen on the other sites it might also have the 1900 but no 850. Looks like they will be getting a lot of returns.

  • The S7 works as a 3G tablet with an AT&T SIM. It doesn’t come with a SIM installed, this BestBuy only claiming wifi, but you can put one in.

    Capacitive is not always > resistive. The Cruz Tablet’s Capacitive screen is not as responsive as the S7’s resistive one.

  • Avatar of Sere83

    Capcitive/resistive, makes absolutely no difference at all when you consider this device can’t even make 3 hrs on a single charge. MONUMENTA – FAIL

  • Планшет хороший, только вот в россии он без емкостного экрана…

  • Avatar of RusOne

    Whatever MTC said, the MTS version of Huawei in Russia has capacitive screen. While the MTS Huawei is very good a machine, very important drawback of it being the battery life. Good use of 3G/WiFi cuts it to well less than 3 hours. Yet I tend to take it with me more (if not much more) frequently than iPad. Reasons? The size, compatibility, connectivity, sound. The second battery helps and is a must.


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