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Internal emails confirm Froyo OTA update for AT&T-locked Dell Streaks delayed until January


So you know that rumor from earlier this week about AT&T-locked Dell Streaks not getting the official Android 2.2 OTA update until mid-January 2011?

Well, based on some screenshots I just got of two internal emails, I'd say that's looking a whole lot more like fact than fiction right now.

The most recent email (above), dated December 7th, is very direct in stating that the OTA update for AT&T-locked Streaks "should happen the week of January 12th," while an earlier email (below), dated November 19th, details the update process for unlocked Streaks and mentions that "the update for AT&T phones is slated for early January."

Internal emails are not official announcements, of course, and another email could always go out today, tomorrow, or next week with a different release date, but the fact that two emails said January and the most recent one is from the day before yesterday definitely isn't a good sign.


An interesting tidbit from the November email is that users of unlocked Streaks upgrading from 1.6 can use WiFi or 3G to download/install the update, but those upgrading from 2.1 are limited to WiFi only. WiFi is obviously the faster choice, but the differentiation is still worth noting.

Streak-unlocked-froyo-1226In related bad news, the preliminary ship date of unlocked units preloaded with Froyo purchased from has been pushed back to December 26th.

I've actually heard from several people who ordered this version from as soon as it was available (back when the estimated ship date was December 8th) and received their units with 1.6 loaded!

They were able to upgrade to 2.2 through Menu -> About phone -> System updates with no problem, but you can bet that many of them were very upset when they powered on their new Streaks for the first time and saw Android 1.6 staring back at them.

In summary, AT&T-locked users continue to wait it out in the cold, Dell fumbles and drops the ball yet again, and more people flash DJ_Steve's 1.4.6 ROM.

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

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