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Miren Browser update lets HTC EVO use volume buttons for scrolling

Evo-miren-1.1 The Miren Browser was already warmly received when it first appeared here and in the Market last month . . . and it's just gotten better.

A new update was released this week that addresses some stability issues and adds a couple of niceties. The one that stands out for me is the ability to use the HTC EVO's volume buttons to scroll up and down on web pages.

The scrolling amount isn't adjustable, but it's similar to "page up" and "page down" on a desktop browser; it's about a full screen at a time. I also find it much more comfortable to cradle the EVO in my left hand and use my index/middle finger to press the volume buttons than to adjust my hand position so I can scroll with my thumb swiping the screen.

Being able to use the volume buttons for scrolling is something I would love to see in the stock web browser and yet another small reason that Miren is many users' browser of choice.

Other minor changes in the new update include:

  • Alphabetical sorting for bookmarks
  • "Save image" option in long-press context menu
  • Lock icon in URL bar for https web pages


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7 thoughts on “Miren Browser update lets HTC EVO use volume buttons for scrolling

  • Avatar of BigHAZE

    You would rather push a button than lightly flick your finger? I think it might be cool to some, but feel that is is unnecessary wear on physical hardware buttons. Snapping a quick photo with those buttons would be cool, but using my finger to lightly drag and scroll up and down wins every time. I love the browser though…been using it since it launched.

    To each his own I guess. :)

  • Avatar of GRRemlin

    I tried it and lack of ability to share the page (Twitter, android2cloud and so on) made me go back to the Stock browser.

  • I like a lot about the Miren browser, but but it seems to use a lot of battery on my EVO.

    FYI – GRRemlin: on the recent versions, if you choose MENU – SHARE, Miren gives you the option to share pages – 8

  • Avatar of Zaakro

    When watching a video and you receive a call the video will play in your ear while on the call

  • Avatar of velocity

    Copy and paste isn’t working as of update for me…..

  • Avatar of sarah

    I TRYED THIS and it was useing 60% of my battery even when i wasnt useing so i deleted it i dont like it.

  • Miren was using more of my battery too but I have had a couple updates since the beginning so I was hoping it was fixed I like miren and just made it my default. I can long press on the address window at the top or click menu to share the page. But If I notice it’s draining battery I may go back to the default one or Dolphin which I also have.


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