New custom MIUI ROM (StreaksMI Alpha1) ported to Dell Streak

Streak-miui If you happen to follow what's going on at Good and EVO, my HTC EVO site, then you know that the popular iOS-inspired MIUI ROM from China has been ported to the EVO and several other Android phones.

The newest device to get the MIUI treatment is none other than the Dell Streak. And yes, the tireless dev who is single-handedly making the Streak completely awesome and who people call Stephen Hyde, DJ_Steve, or DMonsterProd is the one responsible for it.

Steve's new StreaksMI ROM, as it's been named, is still in alpha so it's obviously not as complete as his StreakDroid ROMs, but MIUI in general is worth checking out (see the G&E post for screenshots and features). The touchscreen, phone, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3D/2D graphics, screen brightness, Android Market, and USB/charging are all confirmed to be working, which is really quite a lot for an alpha build and may even be enough for some people to use StreaksMI as their daily driver.

Not working right now are music playback, screen orientation (it's currently locked in upside-down portrait mode), the camera, and notification ringtones. There are also bugs with headphones and the Streak's three capacitive buttons not turning off. Considering how quickly Steve has been developing StreakDroid, though, I'm sure it won't be long before StreaksMI gets an update that fixes some of the issues.

If you don't want to wipe your device to flash the StreaksMI ROM, you can get a teeny tiny taste of MIUI on your current setup by checking out Miren Browser (see G&E for more info).

[StreaksMI Alpha1 @ MoDaCo]
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