Nokia E7 delayed until early 2011


Mirroring a similar hitch leading up to the launch of the Nokia N8, it looks like the upcoming Nokia E7 QWERTY slider has also been struck by the dreaded last-minute delay with the new launch window being marked down as early 2011.

Previously scheduled to launch this month, the delay seems to be due to a minor durability issue with the final E7 hardware, with the official word from Nokia being that it wants to ensure the best possible user experience. Hopefully this will be the only delay to the arrival of Nokia's latest high-end smartphone.

With promising specifications such as a stunning 4-inch capacitive AMOLED touch screen, a slide-and-tilt four-row QWERTY keyboard, and an 8MP/720p capable camera, the E7 will be one of Nokia's stalwarts in the new year, championing the company's Symbian OS, which has so far struggled in the face of the intense competition from the likes of iOS and Android. But with recent developments including Nokia taking direct control of the platform, a large update scheduled for Q1 2011, and plans to revamp the UI and software experience over the coming year, the company may yet be able to reclaim some ground in the smartphone wars. Talk of next-generation smartphones with 1GHz dual-core processors and a "true zoom camera", likely to be a real optical camera zoom, further strengthens the notion that Nokia may be staging a return to prominence in the smartphone race.

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