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Radio Shack’s $99 HTC EVO Trade & Save deal isn’t worth it

Radioshack_logo Unless you seriously can't think of anything else to do with a working handset that you're not using, then the fact that Radio Shack will take it and give you a $100 instant-rebate on the HTC EVO in return isn't that big of a deal.

I mean, yes, a $99 EVO is great (old) news. But it's not as good as other sites are making it sound.

Radio Shack has been selling black EVOs for $99 online for at least a month already, remember? Amazon Wireless has been doing it off-and-on for the past two months, and Walmart Wireless did it too (that one was $49.99 for new contracts and $99.99 for renewals). And no one had to give anyone else a phone that could be sold on eBay or Craiglist either.

In other words, you don't have to give away another phone to get an EVO for $99.

If you insist, however, then the Radio Shack "deal" comes with a free Bluetooth headset (which is probably worth less than you could sell your other phone for) and is going on until Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Shack’s $99 HTC EVO Trade & Save deal isn’t worth it

  • I got one yesterday for my girlfriend’s renewal. They had an extra old Nokia laying around and they let me use it as my trade in. Worked out for me.

  • As an employee of radioshack this actually inst a bad deal, the headset is a plantronics 240 valued at $39.99 so really the the evo is like $60. Also it doesn’t need to be a high valued phone, yesterday a guy brought in a phone normally priced at $5 and turned it into $100 and didn’t have to wait for any shipping like he would with a online site. And on another note, you can also get the “half oreo”as we call it at work.

  • I didn’t the Bluetooth. The RS employee told me that offer wasn’t good for the EVO. I think I got shafted.

  • Unfortunately the bluetooth deal is only for new contacts, not upgrades, but you can the bluetooth with an evo.

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    There is a disclaimer. It states that online offers may differ than in store retail offers. So, what I’m hearing is that if you walked into a Radio Shack outlet, you were probably required to surrender a phone to qualify for the $100.00 dollars off. However, the online price/ offer, did not require you to turn in a old cell phone device.

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    I find this is a decent deal, you dont need to deal with shipping and you can just trade in the oldest POS phone you have, I’m trading in a old phone that i could even try to give away.


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