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Remap Rosie mod gives HTC EVO dock options without removing Sense


Customizable home screen docks are one of the benefits of using third-party launchers and custom themes/ROMs, but how can you get a user-defined dock if you're still using HTC Sense on your EVO?

With JsChiSurf's Remap Rosie mod, of course! By flashing one of his .zips (tutorial here) on your rooted HTC EVO, you should be able to replace the stock dock with a variety of other docks (examples shown above right) without parting ways with Sense. The docks are based on the Fresh Espresso ROM, so the only thing you'll have to say goodbye to is the black dome and stock mappings.

All of the Espresso docks remap the center button to the app drawer, which means your choices are limited to what's on the right and left sides. There's already a nice selection of preset options to choose from at the link below and JsChiSurf seems open to custom combinations too, so there's a good chance you'll be able to get whatever you want.

Note: As with many mods, this is not guaranteed to work on all custom ROMs. Always do a Nandroid backup (tutorial here) before flashing.

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5 thoughts on “Remap Rosie mod gives HTC EVO dock options without removing Sense

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    JLech stopped doing the Rosie Mods a while ago, therefore his are outdated and mostly meant for the 3.3 software, and will definitely mess with your system if you’re on 3.7. (He’s focusing on a new ROM).

    He did, however, hand development off to Chingy51o, who HAS updated most of his stuff to accomodate 3.7, and most of it works flawlessly. He even takes custom “orders” (mine is the clear, gmail icon-app box icon-phone icon on display). The greatest part (imho) is the 5-wide App Drawer which puts that many more Apps onto one screen when you open the drawer).

    I am not Chingy, nor am I affiliated with him, I’ve just used his mods now right through this latest Myn’s Warm2.2 Release 5 Beta (Nightly 7) without a hitch!!!!

  • Hmmm, normally I pull off any of your recommendations without a hitch, but for some reason, this one just didn’t want to cooperate with me…Once I got the zip flashed, it looked like a smaller curved version of the same sense bar, with the phone icon (left) and directory icon (right) being outsized and looking pretty sloppy… On top of that, the right icon (directory) still behaved as if it was still the “+” button… thought the phone and app tray managed to switch… oh well, an nandroid restore later, no harm no foul…might followup on xda…

  • JsChiSurf is simply a god on XDA, and the originator of which all other Rosie remaps are based, from way back in the Hero days. I’m sure if you put in a request for a combination, he’d be more than happy to help. He did the gTalk version for me.


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