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Slacker G2 dock charges and syncs Dell Streak


Ever since the Dell Streak's "proprietary" port was discovered back in August to be a PDMI connector, users have been in search of cheaper cables and accessories as alternatives to the official (overpriced) counterparts.

The Slacker G2 personal radio player was one of the first devices to be identified as a possible "donor" several months ago, and it's recently been confirmed by ZodiacPhoto to be a perfect match. That's the G2's dock plugged into and charging the Streak you see in the photo above.



The G2 dock retails for around $30ir?t=streaksmart 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001O83X5Q - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here but has been known to pop up on eBay for between $15 and $20. There's a PDMI connector on the front and a miniUSB, headphone, and line-out ports on the back. The dock is also weighted and has a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around.

It doesn't have the HDMI port that Dell's official Home A/V Dock does, of course, but it's not $70 either. 


The G2 dock's headphone and line out ports don't work with the Streak at the moment, but charging and syncing with just about any old generic miniUSB charger/cable both work well.

ZodiacPhoto didn't have to do this to get his dock working, but some users have had to remove the two rubber pads on either side of the dock's PDMI connector (circled above; thanks for the pic, Darin) so that the Streak could be pushed down far enough to make proper contact.


The dock doesn't provide any kind of back support for the Streak, which means the connector is the only thing holding it up, but ZodiacPhoto says it's "quite stable" and "the center of gravity is well within the area of the dock" as well.

It may not have all the functionality of the official Streak dock, but the Slacker G2 dock is definitely a nice alternative to the extra cable that Dell thinks is worth $20.

[xda-developers] Thanks, Sean Thulin & Darin!

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