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Survivor: Nicaragua shines spotlight on HTC EVO

Evo-survivor (1)

Considering that Sprint is an official sponsor of Survivor: Nicaragua and the show's app is always listed in the Sprint tab in the Market, it's no surprise that when one of the carrier's phones is used on the island, it's shown off from every angle in multiple scenes.

From a gadget perspective, last night's episode was dedicated to the HTC EVO. We didn't have to rely on the red ring around the camera to identify it like we often do in other shows; it was clearly visible, highlighted, and referred to by name many times.

In case you missed it (or you just don't watch the show), here are some screen caps I took from the episode.

Evo-survivor (2)

Evo-survivor (3)

Evo-survivor (4)

Evo-survivor (5)

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips about this before the show even aired in my time zone!

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13 thoughts on “Survivor: Nicaragua shines spotlight on HTC EVO

  • Avatar of chipd

    Lol, product placement on Survivor can’t be easy! Btw, does the phone look HUGE to anyone else in that pic? She must have tiny hands.

  • Avatar of markbo2000

    The Sprint logo was also in color. Survivor has always been known to use the latest and greatest phones for their family connection episode. My wife and I both saw this and were happy to see it.

  • Last year they used the pre, and i’m sure whatever phone I upgrade to next year will be on next season. I like seeing products I have on the shows I watch. :)

  • lol the light and proximity sensors also have their own dedicated holes.

    Weird, probably pre-production model. I don’t think sprint would want those huge holes if this was built for TV

  • Avatar of mwEvo

    The giant posters in the Sprint store also feature those holes… they must not care too much.

  • I just noticed like someone mentioned the sprint logo is in color. Are all new evos in color or were the first models in color? thats kinda cool. I’m sure they did some extra things to this one just for this show.

  • Avatar of Boss323

    As an EVO lover, I can’t help but be proud of this product placement. I especially like seeing the kickstand deployed. That little metal bar is one of my favorite features of the EVO. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to own a kickstand-less phone again.

  • I got mine from day 1 of release and it’s the same as the current models (I had to trade mine in since the 4G signal wasn’t working). I like it without the color for the Sprint logo, personally. But I thought it was some sort of skin that was put on the EVO to make the logo pop for TV. My wife got the white EVO on day 1 from BestBuy and hers is the same also.

  • I just noticed that the HTC logo is missing from the top left corner of the phone face.

  • did they have 4g service?

  • Oh course they didn’t. Don’t be silly, it’s not like this show it filmed in Hollywood. ;)

  • That would be sarcasm!

  • Avatar of Chris Pendergrass

    You can tell by the pics that there is some sort of stick-on overlay across the top of the screen to make the Sprint logo in color (better for TV I guess.) The two holes for the light and proximity sensors are cutouts in the stick-on so the sensors would function. If they had used a stick-on that only covered the Sprint logo to make it color, you would probably see an ugly hard edge of the sticker on camera.


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