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TextureGrip FlexiSkin adds grip to HTC EVO 4G

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HTC EVO slipping out of your hand all the time?

Then check out BoxWave's "washable and tear-resistant" TextureGrip FlexiSkin. It covers your EVO's naturally smooth back in textured silicone that will help it stay within your loose grasp. It comes in jet black and frosted clear and cleverly features a "cut-out design for the touchscreen so that you can keep the same tactile feel as using the HTC EVO 4G without a case." A cut-out for the screen! Imagine that.

Evo-texturegrip (2)

The ingenious design can be yours for $16.95.

What are they thinking?

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Jenn K. Lee

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6 thoughts on “TextureGrip FlexiSkin adds grip to HTC EVO 4G

  • Avatar of Mark G

    I moved away from these types of covers. Though they do what they say, I found it impossible to slip my Evo in my pocket, any pocket without great difficulty. And when the phone rings, forget it, takes too long to get the phone back out of my pocket. I use the HTC messanger pouch now and expect my Zagg leather skin this week. These gel covers are simply too tacky for me.

  • Hard to tell from the pictures Jenn, but does it protect the camera lens?

  • Avatar of wRx7M

    I moved away from these cases because the sides around the screen will loosen and bow a bit. This doesn’t protect the front enough for me

  • Avatar of Detroitgyrl

    Looks just like the Amzer case.. which DOES protect the camera because it sticks out a little. The Amzer only costs between $6-$9 on amazon or ebay too… I’ve had mine since July and it still fits pretty snug. I like the fact that these types of cases are a little rugged and keep the phone from sliding out of your hands.

  • Avatar of Boss323

    +1 Detroitgyrl – I’ve rocked the Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case since July as well and it’s hard for me not to love – I had to make the mouth hole a little bigger as the case got more wiggly, but that’s my only modification. If grip is important to you, tacky is the way to go.


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