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Below is a list of iPad apps that we have mentioned on NBT (either in reviews or just in passing) that we consider useful along with a short description and necessary links. We’ll try to remember to add them as we go so that we have everything in one place. If you know of any we’ve talked about that aren’t on the list, let us know in a comment. Make sure to read the brief description of all apps even if you’re looking for a specific type of app as many of them fit in multiple categories and have many uses.


  • iStudiez: Calendar app that is optimized for students with static schedules. [Lite | $2.99]


  • ReplayNote: Lets you create videos with drawings and audio commentary and share with others. Brilliant for explaining things. [Article | $4.99]
  • Air Sketch: Let’s you turn your iPad into a wireless drawing board that can be displayed wirelessly on practically any screen. [Article | Review | $9.99]
  • SyncPad: Does pretty much the same thing as Air Sketch, but via the Internet- not just local networks. Has some security flaws. [Article | $9.99]


  • Oxford Deluxe: Oxford Dictionary of English and Oxford Thesaurus of English with audio recordings of words. [Review | $54.99]
  • Merriam-Webster dictionary: Free English dictionary that has more or less the same features as Oxford Deluxe, plus audio search. [Article | Free]


  • Wunderlist: Great free todo list app that syncs between devices. [Review | Free]


  • Kindle: Amazon’s ebook reader app. [Free]
  • Stanza: Independent ebook reader app. Supports lots of services. [Free]
  • iBooks: Apple’s ebook reader. Great for archiving PDF files as they transfer to iTunes when you sync. Can sort files into “collections”. [Free]
  • Zinio: Multi-platform digital magazine store that has hundreds of magazines that you can subscribe to relatively cheap. [Review | Free]


  • Reeder: Simple, yet awesome RSS reader for the iPad that really lets you browse through loads of stories quickly. My favorite RSS reader. [Review | $4.99]
  • Tweetmag: Uses Twitter as a source for links, allowing you to browse news that people have actually talked about and found interesting. [Article | $4.99]

Document creation

  • Save2PDF: Lets you turn any document the iPad can display into a PDF file, such as Word documents and web pages. Useful addition to smartNote. [$9.99]
  • smartNote: Note-taking app that allows you to create virtual notebooks (blank or using PDF files) and annotate them. Can export to PDF and interact with Dropbox. [Review | Lite | $2.99]
  • Keynote: Apple’s own version of Powerpoint. [$9.99]
  • Pages: Apple’s own word processor. [$9.99]
  • Underscore Notify: Like smartNote, just…better! More features, more stable. [Article | $1.99]
  • Penultimate: Note taking app that can’t annotate documents, but has better pen emulation that produces more authentic looking handwriting. [Article | $1.99]
  • Notes Plus: Another note taking app which is inferior than some of the above in many ways, but excels at using various gestures. [Article | $1.99]
  • Scanner Pro: Awesome app for “scanning” documents using images, turning them into PDF files. [$6.99]

File management

  • Filer: Wifi file transfer app with a built in web browser that can download any file to the device. useful for downloading large files that would crash the browser if you tried opening them directly (PDF, video, ZIP files). [Lite | $3.99]
  • Dropbox: Let’s you easily sync files between computers, mobile devices and the web. 2GB storage for free. [Free]


  • GeoTag Photos: Lets you track where you’re going to sync it up with photos taken and add geotags. [Review | Lite | $3.99]
  • AutoStitch: Lets you stitch together photos into panoramas. Useful if you have the Camera Connection Kit. [Article | $1.99]
  • ReelDirector: Lets you edit videos, including HD video from cameras (if the file format is supported). [Article | $1.99]
  • TouchUp: Powerful photo editing app with an advanced masking system. [Review | $2.99]
  • Filterstorm Pro: Incredibly advanced photo editor that supports images up to 22 mpix on the iPad 2. [Review | $14.99]

Remote desktop

  • VMware: Client app for VMware virtual PC software. [Article | Free]
  • Teamviewer: Client app for Teamviewer, a free user friendly remote desktop software. [Article | Free]
  • SplashTop: Very good, affordable remote control application. [Review | Lite | $4.99]


  • Sleep Talk Recorder: Records you while you sleep and save any loud noises for you to listen to when you wake up- such as you talking in your sleep. Very amusing. [Review | $0.99]
  • Music Studio: Released a year ahead of Garage Band, it has many features that Garage Band “forgot”. [Article | $14.99]
  • Guitar Pro: The iOS version of a popular computer program that allows viewing and playback of guitar tabulators. [$4.99]


  • Animation Creator HD: Lets you create hand drawn animations very easily. [Article | $1.99]


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  • I think that we could add wunderlist (ipad and android[when it comes]), very useful and free.


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